Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Leftover use-up weight loss recipes: Naked Wobbly Vegan Chili

I'm sipping some homemade chili right now and I just had to share the recipe and the story behind it. So, I'm working on weight loss. I've been blogging about how I lost 100 pounds. About 10 years ago, I was in charge of making a meal for our IWW meeting (we're Wobblies, members of the Industrial Workers of the World). Wanting to keep costs down, and since these good folk are mostly vegan, I made up this recipe which I call Naked Wobblies Vegan Chili. It has a ton of benefits: super (or as I like to say soup-er) healthy, economical cuz it's vegan (meatless and dairy-free), eco-friendly cuz it uses up leftovers and doesn't require special ingredients, and crazy good for busting obesity! 

Naked Wobbly Vegan Chili for weight loss

First, scrounge through your fridge and gather up all the bits and pieces of veggies. My version today used up leftover cilantro, tomato, avocado, celery, onion, garlic and green pepper. But it would be great with carrots, leeks, cabbage, colored peppers, cucumbers, corn--pretty much anything! Vegetables are your best friends for weight loss. 

Now collect those half-used, nearing their expiration date jars of salsa, pasta sauce, chili and taco sauce. If you like hot chili, use up leftover hot sauce. I found some leftover broth from chicken sausage, so I used that up. Now obviously, I'd not include that if I was making it purebred vegan.  If you have any leftover cooked pasta or rice, you can add that too! I don't because I'm going for low carb and

gluten free

For the protein, (cuz ya gotta have that for weight loss), use any type of beans you have. For dieters, black beans have the best calorie to protein ratio, but I've also heard good things about white kidney beans). I used up leftover hummus I'd made. It made a great thickener plus you'd swear there was melted cheese in the chili, thanks to the hummus. Season with cracked pepper, cumin and paprika. No need to add salt!  

Mix all ingredients and let simmer. Be sure to add the rinse water from the jars to your naked wobbly vegan chili and then recycle them! 

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