Saturday, April 24, 2021

Weight loss Jedi mind tricks to talk yourself out of not into eating

Hiya reader friends! I'm been sharing how I lost 100 pounds without bariatric weight loss surgery, using what I call "mind over platter" tips. What does that mean? Well, I kinda play head games with myself to think myself thin. These ideas bear a striking resemblance to what Jabba the Hut calls Luke Skywalker's Jedi mind tricks! And they work great to fight obesity. 

Here's the one weight loss mind trick that I probably use most often. It's where I got the idea to call it "mind over platter." And it too has Star Wars overtones. Remember the scene where Obi-Wan uses the Force to con a stormtrooper into thinking that theirs weren't the droids he was looking for? Well, I do the same thing. I tell myself "these aren't the foods you're looking for! I talk myself out of instead of into eating.

Obesity is a lot like going into debt. We overeat for the same reason we overspend: because we talk ourselves INTO buying or eating this or that. We convince ourselves we need stuff or food. So how I lost 100 pounds was to do the opposite, to tell myself all the reasons I didn't need that food I was craving. I kept my eye on the prize, reminding myself that weight loss would be more satisfying than giving in and indulging. 

Dieting wasn't easy at first but as I got better at it. If you're in the "struggling with weight loss" phase, hang in there and you will too! May the Force be With You! Love ya'll! 

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