Monday, April 12, 2021

Should I trust scale or clothing fit for to determine weight loss?

Okay, so I've been sharing how I lost 100 pounds and now, seven years later, how I've been working to lose 30 lbs regained. Obesity is something I outran once and I'm struggling to keep ahead of it. I've noticed that the scale hasn't moved a whole lot. I've probably had a 5-7 pound weight loss. But my clothes fit differently. I also look smaller. Places where there were bulges are minimizing. So do I trust the scale or how I feel and how clothes fit?

The answer is both. I need to know how much I've lost, or  haven't to keep diet on track. But I also know from past experience, how easily I get frustrated over what looks like little weight loss progress. So I'm going to keep my weight number in mind but focus on the success with busting fat. I'm going to enjoy the good mojo from looking smaller. 

This weight loss game can feel like a real carnival funhouse that's not very much fun. I'm keeping my eyes on what uplifts me. And I encourage you to do likewise! Love, Mar

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