Thursday, April 1, 2021

Identify cravings and comfort food for weight loss

Yesterday we talked about how eating releases endorphins (natural opioids). We also learned, based a Journal of Neuroscience study, that while some foods (protein shakes) give more of these feel good hormones, the user experience is less. In other words, many people feel better after eating pizza despite a lower endorphin payout. This can lead to obesity. So identifying your "comfort foods" AKA cravings can really help with weight loss. Here's how. 

I know I covered yesterday how we could use this information in weight loss. But after a conversation with my husband about endorphins, I realized there are other ways to utilize feel good hormones in weight loss. I told him about the pizza vs. protein shake trials and he said that wouldn't apply to him because pizza wasn't a favorite food. Bacon and sausage are his trigger foods. 

For me it was spot on because I LOVE pizza, to the point of craving it and then overeating when I do have it. Part of how I lost 100 pounds, was to find my eating triggers. It was never about emotional eating for me. It was that I love certain foods too much. To heal my obesity, I had to avoid eating chips, chocolate and pasta because I had trouble eating just a little. 

By identifying our own eating patterns, comfort foods and cravings, we can discover what triggers our over-eating. If you're the type that just can't stop with two cookies, then no cookies might be the solution. Or try making low calorie alternatives
, like I did with pizza. Weight loss looks different for each individual. So get to know yourself to develop a weight loss plan. 

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