Thursday, April 22, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds using the Force: Jedi weight loss tricks

Weight loss definitely ain't like dustin' crops, kid! The western world diet is one 24-7-365 food fest. Everywhere I'm surrounded by "obesity on a plate": fast food joints, supermarkets crammed with junk food.  Navigating this hyperspace of food choices requires Jedi mind tricks. Here's how I lost 100 pounds using the Force! 

Weight loss means making new food choices amid bombardment from unhealthy ones. In fact, that circus of goodies is part of WHY I became obese in the first place. There are just too many obesity causing options. Just reading the grocery store ad, I realized there was next to nothing I could eat if I wanted to lose weight. 

So about those weight loss Jedi mind tricks--when grocery shopping, I play Han Solo, flying the Millennium Falcon through the barrage of temptation. I don't look at food that doesn't fit my diet. I don't even go down certain aisles: soda pop, chips and salty snacks, candy, cookies, pie, cakes, ice cream, junk snacks. Those are Mos Eisley for me, LOL. 

I do my Jedi homework, reading nutrition labels ahead of time and don't wait till I'm actually fighting the Empire (at the store)! I stock up on foods that are strong with the Force: vegetables, fruit, lean meat, high protein low carb grains. I put on my deflector shield and do a quick flyby through dairy, meats and frozen getting the ones that are better for weight loss (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, mozzarella, lean chicken, beef steak and pork loin) . Then I get the heck out of the debris field! And that, fellow rebels, is how I lost 100 pounds! 

If you're on a mission to lose weight, May the Force be with you! 

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