Thursday, April 29, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds nixing stinkin thinkin: Al-Anon tips for weight loss

Hey friends! A few days ago I promised that I'd discuss how I lost 100 with Al-Anon 12-step tips. Today I'm going to explain how nixing "stinkin thinkin" helped me lose weight. What is stinkin thinkin? It's a term Al-Anon (and AA or Alcoholic Anonymous) uses to describe unhealthy, self-defeating, dysfunctional mind games addicts and those who are codependent on them play. You can see a lot of stinkin thinkin in those seeking gastric bypass surgery in TLC's reality TV show "My 600-lb Life." So how is Al-Anon related to weight loss? 

Obesity stems from food addiction or codependent behaviors that make us comfort eat.  Or both. These are not the only obesity triggers but they are common ones, as participants on "My 600-lb Life" have shown. And they stem from wrong-headed stinkin thinkin. Al-Anon outlines the usual suspects: lack of self-awareness, self-pity (biggee) hypocrisy, delusional thinking, excuse-making, denial and low self-esteem. Pretty depressing but the good news is that identifying which stinkin thinkin head games I was playing is how I lost 100 pounds. My weight loss was as much about healing my head as my body. 

My stinkin thinkin was mostly lack of self-awareness about needing to lose weight, denial and low self-esteem. I also played a dangerous game of comparison/contrast in which I downplayed my need to lose weight, mentally pointing to others who were more obese. I've heard that excuse on "My 600-lb Life." The whole family is morbidly obese but they scapegoat one member who is larger. It took a doctor recommending gastric bypass weight loss surgery to wake up. Then, when I was told I looked just like a relative who was morbidly obese, I finally acknowledged my own obesity. And that awareness was how I lost 100 pounds without gastric bypass!! 

That's just one of the stinkin thinkin mind games I've played (more later) but happily, it's game over for me!

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