Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Shipt brings the magic...and the weight loss!

Greetings fellow skinny seekers, I haven't been blogging for awhile but thought I'd better stop by and clean up the old place as I'm expecting company (more on that later). The reason for the blog hiatus  is that I've been insanely busy with a new gig (hate that word but it pretty much defines service industry work which many of us have resorted to in this tenuous economy).

I'm now delivering groceries for Shipt and I have found that this dovetails nicely with diet. As you may or may not know, I'm writing a manual and planning a series on weight management (as I'm now calling this diet thing). The irony is that sedentary and at home work like writing and online businesses are a nemesis to good health in general and losing weight in particular.

I managed to lose 100 pounds while being self-employed in online work but it was made so much more difficult by lack of  exercise and having food constantly within arm's reach. BUT... (and that's a big but, not as in behinds, you with the snarky mind LOL), shopping groceries has been golden for keeping the pounds off. I'm not even following the diet as well as a I should and yet the weight keeps coming off and fat cells converting into muscle.

I'm not able to do many kinds of vigorous exercise due to arthritis and scoliosis but shopping I can do. Plus, being busy and unable to eat prevents mindless snacking which is the bane of computer work. Shipt not only brings groceries to members it can bring improved fitness and health to shoppers! 

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