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'Honey Boo Boo' Mama June admits to gaining after weight loss but that could be a good thing

Is reality TV diva Mama June falling back into obesity after her weight loss makeover on the first season of "From Not to Hot?" That's what she says. Is it normal for the pendulum to swing back a bit after huge weight loss (it is). Does it  matter that June Shannon lost weight with bariatric surgery (it does). But it may not matter to fans or even critics. The once 461-lb pageant mom of "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson was not a favorite among TLC viewers, is gaining support for her frank admissions of weight gain. And being honest about weight gain, instead of lying or fudging numbers is one of the healthiest things you can do.    'Honey Boo Boo' Mama June admits weight loss fail and folks love her for it

'My 600-lb Life' Nikki Webster rocks jeans, wedding dress after huge weight loss

Weight loss often finds happy surprises for people struggling with morbid obesity. After shedding crippling pounds, formerly obese folks discover mobility, health, and sometimes new relationships. Reality television star Nikki Webster of "My 600-lb Life" is bubbling over on Facebook about some wonderful changes in her life since gastric bypass surgery on TLC.   'My 600-lb Life' Nikki Webster rocks jeans, wedding dress after huge weight loss

'My 600-lb Life' weight loss show defines overweight, obese, morbid obesity

These are me before and after losing weight. Would you be surprised to learn that even after big weight loss I'm still overweight? If you're too polite to say yes, thank you! But it's true, aka the BMI, I should lose 20-30 pounds. I would like to do that but at my age, it's more tricky. Also, the steps required to do so might not be safe. I'm in danger of developing an anorexic eating disorder as it is, just because I'm so afraid to gain weight.

Now we know that folks on the reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" are morbidly obese. But it goes beyond just diet and lifestyle. The TLC program explores nutrition, obesity-related health conditions, and obesity as an eating disorder like anorexia. It also distinguishes overweight, obesity and morbidly obese. That's the purpose of this website as well--to understand what is dangerously overweight and what is normal and perhaps even healthy.  'My 600-lb Life' weight loss show defines overweight, obese…

Weight loss recipe of the day: Superfood salmon with char-grilled lemons

We all know fish is brain food, right? But what makes it so. Grilled fish loaded with linolenic acids (omega-3, 6, etc.) These fatty acids burn fat while boosting mental functioning. Add in some antioxidant superfoods and you've got a ketogenic calorie-forward meal that aids weight loss. Here's a recipe to hit all those. Folks on special diets for diabetes, high blood pressure, religious fasting, vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten free, lowfat cholesterol control--will love.

Parmesan salmon with char-grilled lemons

Place salmon skin side down and spritz lightly with olive oil and drizzle with fresh lemon. Season with Kirkland's or Spike salt-free seasoning blend. Place lemons on baking sheet and grill on 400 till fish is tender and lemons are charred. Grate fresh parmesan (a high protein, low lactose "superfood" cheese) on fish when done and top with black pepper, spirulina blue-green grass powder, a dash of Bragg's liquid amino, Greek yogurt and dried lentils…

Gastric bypass diet friendly breads for weight loss: Low carb, high fiber and protein ketogenic wraps, pita and flatbread

If you're trying to lose weight, you know that bread is one of the biggest calorie trips and hardest things to give up. And breadless, gluten free replacements are not only hard to find but also usually taste blechy (that's a word :0) So I propose this low carb bread alternative for weight loss: Joseph's pita bread, lavash and flatbread. Click here to read more...

My weight loss update: a leetle reality check thanks to selfies and Youtube

Working on my Youtube channel recently, I found this little gem from 5 years ago. And while it made my toes curl to see how how heavy I was in 2011, it was also gratifying to note ----> that I am no longer that fat (let's just call it what it is). In fact, I've shaved off 10 of the 15 pounds I regained.

So that was a wakeup call but not just about weight loss. I noticed how awkward and lacking in confidence I was. Is it because I was fatter? Have I always been so inarticulate or was I just camera shy and paranoid? I'd hazard a guess that few people are super comfortable videotaping themselves. I tend to be overly self-critical.  And that's what I want to encourage you to do if you're trying to lose weight. As embarrassing as you may find pictures, look at them. As much as you might hate the camera, befriend the selfie. It will help you to see yourself as others see you. It's harder to hide from weight problems if they're staring you in the face. And it&#…

Whole grain flaxseed wrap-wiches: low-carb, high protein and fiber weight loss recipes

My  readers know by now that I've lost 100 pounds using food swaps and self-styled strategies. I share these tips and recipes on this blog. So today, we're talking about wraps. Wraps (as in sandwiches on flatbread) have a cult following weight loss because dieters mistakenly assume they are lower in calories and carbs. But a wrap sandwich is often more highly caloric because flatbreads are not created equal. Even the "veggie" ones which appear to be full of green vegetable goodness are in fact sugary carb-laden and dyed green *headdesk*.
So here are low-calorie wraps using lavash and flatbread that are low-carb, high protein and high fiber and a good source of ALA omega 3 (MUFAs). These have no saturated or transfats and only 1 gram of sugar. My three go-to brands are Joseph's, Flatout and Fit & Active--a comparable, much less expensive Aldi version of Flatout. Aldi is $2.29 for six breads compared to $3.99 for Flatout. 
<---As you can see, my package is a…

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