Monday, August 30, 2021

Covid 19 recovery update: When weight loss is a bad thing

When is weight loss a bad thing? When you lose weight due to illness, especially one like Covid 19. Here's a quick update on the post Covid 19 recovery. From my perspective, it's still a lot of exhaustion, dehydration recovery and metabolism boosting. I've started a stricter self-imposed regimen to increase electrolytes. I say self-imposed because we've been pretty much self-directed in our Covid 19 recovery. There's no real guidebook so we're creating our own and it's trial and error and trial again. 

My husband's most dangerous outcome of Covid 19 was a 17# weight loss (NOT a healthy way to lose weight). He was not overweight and so what he lost was muscle mass (that was scary as shit). We've been using metabolism boosting plant protein powder to help him regain weight loss. We're both also increasing protein intake overall, and trying to eat good carbs to rebuild muscle mass. 

Thanks for reading! Please, do what you need to do to stay safe from this devastating illness called Covid 19. I've had campylobacter jejuni (c.jejuni, a long-term food poisoning that went into dysentery). I've had strep B virus and swine flu. I've nursed a toddler through seven weeks of pneumonia. Husband has had pneumonia and we both agree that in 57 years this is THE worst illness we've ever experienced. 

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