Saturday, August 14, 2021

If you need a weight loss partner, pick me!

It's getting late on this Saturday night and I've done a few posts already. But I got one more in me before calling it a day. I've told you before how I was overweight and then morbidly obese. I talk a lot about how I lost 100 pounds. I give a lot of weight loss tips and advice on what to do and not do to lose weight. But one thing I don't know is where you, my dear reader, are at. I'm guess some of you follow because you would like to lose weight. Or maybe you're all just being kind and humoring these lil soliloquies of mine, LOL. 

But if you are seeking weight loss, let me just offer a word of encouragement. Or many words. Cuz I never do anything short-winded. If you need a weight loss partner, or friend, or cheerleader, ooh-ooh (waving hand in air) pick me! Cause I can dispense advice on how to lose weight all day. But at the end of said day, what you may need is just encouragement. 

Do you need to be told, "You got this!" You do! But having said that, I find those words kinda annoying. Especially when one is really struggling. To be told "you got this" is like the proverbial Pharisee, seeing someone in need, saying "be well." And then walking away doing absolutely nothing to HELP him be well. Lame. And rude. And dismissive. That's why I try to offer as many weight loss tips as possible, using my own "voice" or personal experience. 

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, except to say that you are welcome to comment, question, vent, share as needed in comments below. I can also be reached on Facebook here. Meanwhile, just keep on being wonderful! Love, mar


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