Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Facebook Covid 19 recovery support group: we're not crazy or lazy

Hello dear reader friends! I've been sharing about our (my husband's and my) ongoing struggle to recuperate fully from Covid 19 infection in May. (<--that's us in sillier, more energetic times, LOL) Cuz for me, it's been exhaustion like no other. It's made me wonder if I'm just crazy or lazy. However, in my research and discussions with fellow sufferers, I discovered that many of us have lingering aftereffects, particularly slowed metabolism and lethargy,  from Covid 19. So I started a Facebook group for us to unpack those experiences. I'm calling it "Covid 19 Recovery Support: We're not crazy or lazy

If you're dealing with Covid 19 issues, or caring for someone who is, either from the actual infection or vaccine side effects and you need support, please join me! This is a place to share frustration, like the poor gal I spoke with who has been working thru exhaustion since Oct. 2020! It's a place to offer compassion (prayers, good thoughts etc.) It's a place to ask questions or contribute ideas. Above all, it's non-judgmental. 

This is NOT a place for conspiracy theories, rants, politics or polemics. God knows, the last thing any of us actually dealing with Covid 19 need is that kind of bullshit. The group is set to private and you will have to request permission to join. I only did that because some of the things shared may be of a sensitive or personal nature. It's also to keep out anyone who only wants a platform for his/her pet agenda. 

So if ya need us, you know where to find us! You're always welcome and I keep a pot of coffee warming 💝💓💪😍

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