Saturday, April 10, 2021

No-salt broth and low sodium soup recipes for weight loss

Are you trying to lose weight? Good job! The CDC says that obesity plagues 2/3 of us. What's your weight loss nemesis--savory or sweet? If you crave salty food, you're in good company. But eating too much sodium is a great way to derail weight loss. Soup can be your best friend (it part of how I lost 100 pounds). It can also be your worst enemy the way most commercial soups are prepared. Here are no-salt and low sodium soup recipes and no-salt bouillon, broth and soup stock recipes. These low sodium food swaps are also vegan, meatless and contain no dairy, eggs, or animal fats. 

Avoid MSG (mono sodium glutamate). It increases appetite and cravings and defeats weight loss. Start vegan broth soup recipes with no-salt Mrs. Dash or Bragg's Liquid Amino for sodium free broth. Use salt alternative Himalayan pink salt. Make your own broth from cooked chicken and spices (garlic, white pepper, turmeric, onion, sage and whatever other yummy seasonings you like.)

Spice it up: Spin it Mexican or Mediterranean with cumin, cilantro, paprika and chili or Indian with cardamom, fennel, garam masala, curry and coriander or Thai/Asian with ginger, lime, and chili--you get the idea. Spices are big time weight loss friendly. 

Herb-ivore soup broths: For vegan beef-tasting soups, use bay (laurel) leaf and basil, dill for fish, rosemary for pork and sage for chicken. Italian-y soups need basil and oregano. Use four color fresh cracked pepper for tons of flavor!

Mind your fat source for diet soups (no transfats or saturated). Look for omega oil rich fatty acids from olive and coconut oil. Balance fiber with fats and help weight loss. Heat on oil on low to keep it from breaking up and losing the fat burning properties. 

Get low saltiness without salt from veggies: shallots, onions, tomatoes, garlic, celery, celery seed, lemon and lime juice. 

Like thicker cream soup recipes? Nix flour and go low sodium and MSG-free using vegetables. Peel and dice rutabaga, pumpkin, potatoes, squash or carrots. Simmer in no-salt bouillon until soft. Mash into broth until smooth. Add water to the desired consistency. 

Boost protein with beans. Beans, dried peas, lentils and chickpeas can be cooked down to smooth cream soups as well. Cook pared, sliced squash or carrots to create a sweeter soup stock. Thicken cream soup recipes with avocado or milled flax seed. Swap cashew sauce for cheese in vegan non-dairy cheese soups. 

Use bean flour noodles--chickpea, black bean and edamame pasta for noodle soups. For weight loss soup recipes, load up on veggies and omit meat and dairy.

Recipes like these are how I lost 100 pounds! You'll love them 

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