Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Weight loss requires giant leaps not baby steps

Surely you remember Bob (as in "what about?") who took baby steps as per his therapist's advice? Well I'm sorry, Bob and Leo, that might work in some cases but not in weight loss. To fix a big problem like obesity requires Neil Armstrong type giant leaps. 

I know, I know, yesterday I said that making small small changes is how I lost 100 pounds. So yes, the changes aren't big in and of themselves: small tweaks to diet, lightening up the calorie load, diet food swaps. Where I made big changes was in quantity of food consumed. And the cumulative weight loss, that gestalt whole I talked about, was proportionately ginormous. 

So why no baby steps? Isn't that basically the same thing as little changes? No. Taking baby steps translates to going slow, to move gingerly into weight loss. It's tippy-toeing around obesity as it were.  When I give myself permission to do that, I never make progress. I couldn't afford to baby myself if I was going shed 100 pounds. 

Let's look at the weight loss fails on TLC "My 600-lb Life." Dr. Now, the gastric bypass surgeon, is always exhorting them to get serious. They want to take it easy, to retain many of the bad habits, to puppy themselves. That's just tickling the problem. 

The weight loss success stories are those who attack their weight problem, head on and balls out. That may sound harsh, but it's how I lost 100 pounds. 

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