Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds eating pasta (pasta recipes for weight loss)

Okay I told you yesterday how I lost 100 pounds eating pasta. Now you can't just drop a promise like that and leave it. So I'll put my money where mouth is and dish out some pasta recipes for weight loss. 

The secret to diet friendly pasta dishes is protein-fat-carb-fiber balance. For weight loss, there should be more protein and fiber than sugar, starch and saturated fat. The problem with most noodles is that they are starch-sugar carbohydrate forward. They have some protein and fiber but not enough to compensate for the diet-unfriendly stuff. 

Barilla and some other brands make protein pasta but I can't eat that because it gets protein from eggs (albumin allergy). There are other brands made from cauliflower and zucchini which are better for weight loss, but still not much protein. Happily, I found Simply Nature edamame and black bean pasta at Aldi. 

Simply Nature pasta is made with edamame or black bean flour and nothing else. Zip. Nada. A 2oz serving (which is quite a lot) provides 24 grams of protein (48% RDA), 13 grams of fiber (52% RDA), 3 grams sugar (no added sugar), half gram of saturated fat and no sodium. 

I use these in alfredo, spaghetti, pho and soups (Recipes to follow). Note, these noodles may make you a little, oh, shall we say, gassy? That's the fiber. You can also make your own zucchini spirals or use spaghetti squash in string pasta dishes. Still haven't found alternative pasta shapes but I'm thinking you could make these using bean flour and a pasta maker. 

So you can have your noodles and weight loss too! Diet recipe swaps like this are how I lost 100 pounds! Bon Appetit! 

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