Monday, April 26, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds by cheating and other weird ways to lose weight

Hey ya'lls! It's me, your quirky neighborhood weight loss coach! You'll know by now, if you follow this blog that I share tips on how I lost 100 pounds. Some of them are predictable (diet and exercise). Some are a leetle unorthodox (like my Jedi mind tricks to lose weight!) And some are just downright weird. Like today's: How I lost 100 pounds by cheating on diet.

So, yes, that promise to lose weight cheating is partly to grab your attention. And no, I didn't cheat every day on my diet or obesity would be an even bigger problem than it was 10 years ago when I began this weight loss journey. But fer realz, ignoring that carefully moderated low calorie, lowfat, sugarfree diet occasionally, did help me lose weight. 

It's one of those gestalt or maybe I should say, ironic weight loss methods I was referring to in an earlier post. Cheating, sometimes, works to beat obesity, even though it doesn't seem that it should. And the good it does overall, is surprisingly greater than even the little payouts from cheating. 

So how does breaking my fast help weight loss? Well, for one thing, it staves off "deprivation mode" (that depressing, left out feeling you get after too much dieting). Also when I do indulge, it takes less to fill me up.  Also, I don't enjoy sweets like I used to. They don't taste as good. Example: I had a shake yesterday and noticed for the first time that it had a weird waxy aftertaste. Candy has lost its charm too, especially chocolate. 

Why eating less of something has made me lose my taste for it, I have no clue. But it has. And it's a big relief. When I first set out to kick obesity, I was worried I'd be hungry and craving goodies all the time. Especially as I was working from home with food available. I was more hungry initially. But as my stomach shrunk, so did my appetite. 

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