Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Weight loss from the flip side: thin-shaming, anorexia, illness, underweight issues

I've been writing about how I lost 100 pounds with diet, yada yada for seven years. So this blog focuses on weight loss as a positive thing. With obesity at all time highs, it's crucial to look at shedding unhealthy fat. But what about those for whom weight loss is dangerous, such as for those ill with cancer, Covid 19, anorexia, bulimia or some  other debilitating illness? What about those folks who can't gain weight? Here's a look a weight loss from the flip side. 

I can't speak for the rest of the world, but in the US, thin is in and fat is anathema. Body shaming has become a national pastime. Almost everyone it seems wants to, is being told to and/or is trying to lose weight. Our perspective has become so effed up that people get distorted body image issues (body image dysmorphia) and starve themselves because they see fat that isn't there. 

Ironically, despite our obsession with thin, people who are slender by nature are often mocked for being "too thin." We all want to be thin, but we're jealous of those who are. They're often accused of being anorexic--as if that or being thin is some kind of crime. Very often, women especially don't dare to tell anyone that they're having trouble gaining weight. A loved one was told not to share her struggles with being too thin because it upset those who were overweight. But it's okay for those who are overweight to share even though this is as frustrating for my loved one as her inability to gain is to them? 

 My husband has "skinny genes." His mother (God rest her soul) couldn't gain weight either. He gets told all the time that he is lucky, mostly by people who are trying to lose. He says he doesn't feel lucky. He used to get teased and called names "skinny" "beanpole" "zipper" "scarecrow." He envied big people their ability to put weight on! 

So maybe it's all in perspective? Maybe we're too self-centered and should look at things from others' point of view? Maybe we shouldn't body shame, judge, preach, name-call or criticize? Maybe we should walk in another's moccasins awhile and practice empathy, compassion, and inclusiveness? JMHO. 

Wherever you are right now, at healthy weight, overweight, underweight, ill, struggling or happy, I'm sending you prayers, schmootches
and gushy hugs. Love mar

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