Thursday, April 22, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds: How to diet when the menu is weight loss-unfriendly

Oh the dilemma of dieting in the western world. Any time and everywhere are food choices galore. And those weight loss derailing scenarios: holiday spreads, picnics, potlucks, buffets, banquets, cookouts, tailgate parties, restaurants, all with very non-diet friendly menus. How do you navigate these feeding frenzies without going hungry or breaking your fast? How do you stick to your diet when no one else is? Those Jedi "mind over platter" tricks I was talking about yesterday are how I lost 100 pounds even in food blowouts. 

Weight loss trick one: Don't even go there. Avoid the usual suspects: lasagna, mac and cheese, BBQ, fried anything, etc. Or better still, try this diet trick...

Weight loss trick two: A lil dab'll do ya! No I'm not speaking Flintstones. To stay on course, eat just a few bites of the "obesity on a plate" dishes. BBQ, pecan pie and brownies are my kryptonite (and dayum if they aren't at EVERY gathering!) so I take tiny portions and savor those. 

Weight loss trick three: BYO meals. When possible, like at a picnic or holiday party, bring specially prepared "diet friendly" dishes you can eat and focus on those. 

Weight loss trick four: 3/4 plate rule. From the buffet, potluck or dinner, fill your plate 3/4 full of veggie options (avoid those obesity causing marshmallow-y Thanksgiving sweet potatoes and buttery mashed tates). Fill the other quarter with the leanest pieces of meat you can find. 

Weight loss trick five: Nil Desperandum! Declare a feast day. So you're at Great-Aunt Mildew's Christmas party and the woman has outdone herself on the goodies. She'll be hurt if you don't indulge. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Dive in and enjoy. One day off won't hurt; just get back on the wagon the next day. 

And that my besties, is how I lost 100 pounds and obesity, despite the brownies!! Love ya'll and best to you! 

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