Monday, March 28, 2016

Lose weight, eat breakfast: Quick breakfasts, Ketogenic kids breakfast recipes

There's a lot of big talk on obesity these days. Seems everywhere you look are new weight loss tips. Do you skip breakfast to lose weight? Nutrition science says that's a bad idea. To lose weight, you need to eat breakfast 30 minutes to one hour after rising. Nutritious breakfasts boost metabolism, burn fat, control hunger and beat obesity. Starving yourself in the morning after going without eating all night makes you tired and sluggish. Your hungry body hordes calories and stores fat. Here are 30 super quick breakfasts and kids breakfast recipes based on the ketogenic diet (high protein and good fatty acids, low carb).  

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Weight loss antioxidants: Chimex Artichoke Vitae Plus fat burning superfood

 Obesity and weight loss are always top health news articles. I've lost about 100 pounds with a combination of weight loss strategies. Most of what I did to lose weight was by trial and error. I'd read about different fat burning antioxidants or superfood cleanses and if it seemed to make sense, I tried it. If it worked, I kept using it and if not I quit. Using these weight loss methods, I've trimmed fat from every part of my body and dropped from size 20 to 4. My BMI has gone 34 which is obese to 24 which is normal. It took me about two years to lose weight and as you can imagine dieting got old. 

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