Diet Plan, Food Choices that Helped Me Lose 70 Pounds

I can't believe it. I've only got 30 pounds left to lose to hit my 100-pound weight loss goal. Left is me 4/13. Left is 2011.
Sometimes it seemed the weight would never come off. I started dieting about two years ago, but got serious 10 months ago. I tried every eating strategy, except crash diets. I want to develop new healthy eating habits. As I've learned, I've tweaked my diet plan. That's paid off. I'm losing more each week. Here's the menu I followed to lose the first 70 pounds. I eat six small meals daily, totaling 1,350 calories. Read more

Vegan, Kosher, Vegetarian, Special Diet Grill Recipes for Memorial Day

Memorial Day = first official summer picnic day. Picnic = grill, BBQ and home-cookin', right? But what about folks on special diets? Vegans, vegetarians, kosher, lactose intolerant, thyroid deficiency, Mediterranean, South Beach, Atkins, gluten-free, diabetic, egg allergies and just plain picky eaters. How can you grill to their health and dietary needs? Here is the perfect solutions to the end of summer grillin' blues in a word: fish. High in protein, rich in omega3 oils, low fat, delicious, fish is one of those foods that will satisfy the pickiest eater and almost all special diets. Vegans, don't worry, I have got you covered, too. Here are several articles on making your own vegan recipes for grilling and appetizers.  Vegan, Kosher, Vegetarian and Special Diet Grill Recipes for Labor Day

How Fat People Are Bullied, Shamed

"Fat" is one of the most common words in the English language. It's used mostly-negatively to describe, ridicule, shame, preach and value-judge. Being overweight myself, it seems fat people get more than their share of bullying. In college special education classes, we discussed the danger of labeling kids. It pigeon holes them and sets up unhealthy behavioral expectations. Kids get trapped in the parameters superimposed by labels. That concern about labeling doesn't carry over to fat people. Being tagged fat is inescapable, like wearing a brand name or badge you can't take off. Even if we lose weight, if society deems us still-too-fat, the persona follows us.  How Fat People Are Bullied, Shamed

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