Saturday, July 31, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds with high potassium diet: electrolytes affect metabolism and weight loss

Since my long and somewhat still ongoing bout of Covid 19, I've been researching minerals and electrolytes. You probably know the importance of electrolytes (particularly potassium and magnesium) for recovery after workout, during illness and to prevent summer heat exhaustion (which is essentially dehydration). You may know that electrolytes like potassium and magnesium boost metabolism, aid weight loss and prevent depression. 

What you might not know is how much potassium you actually need. Or how little potassium and magnesium most "sports recovery beverages" and even potassium supplements actually contain. Some can even increase dehydration.  Even drinking plain water while calorie restricting can cause dehydration. And dehydration causes water retention and obesity.  

I've discussed before how gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life" always say, when they fail weight loss, that it's probably "just" water weight (as if that's somehow safer or not really overweight). Water weight is still overweight AND what's worse, long term dehydration and water retention mean your cells are failing. Your immune system fails, too. "My 600-lb Life" type obesity is a direct result of calorie-dense, non-nutritious food and beverages. 

But even calorie restricting can cause problems. During Covid 19, I didn't eat for a week and drank only plain water. I lost 10 pounds that week but also got seriously dehydrated. My body couldn't process the water because it had no electrolytes. My metabolism all but shut down and I'm still recuperating from exhaustion 3 months later.   

So I started looking into electrolytes and the role they play in weight loss. And I found that following low carb diets like keto or Dr. Now's "My 600-lb Life" calorie restricting diet, if you aren't that overweight,  can actually make it harder to lose weight. Keto disallows a lot of foods that are high potassium and magnesium. Calorie restricting often means you miss vital electrolytes and so metabolism drops. 

I lost 100 pounds seven years ago (without gastric bypass) and I included these foods on my diet. My depression was more manageable. My blood sugar leveled and pre-diabetes healed. Then I started a keto diet. I  got c.jejuni (or campylobacter) food poisoning with dysentery and dehydration, and that's when I think the electrolyte imbalance began. Although I didn't eat, my stomach bulged, I think from water retention.  My immunity dropped and depression started up again. 

So now I'm adding high potassium/magnesium foods back into my diet. Getting the RDA of electrolytes calcium and magnesium I can manage with a powdered supplement. Sodium is too easy, LOL. But the RDA of potassium is harder to hit at 3,510 - 4,700 mg. So I eat a combination of these foods daily to hit the total. 

one 800 mg potassium supplement (20%)
small sweet potato
butternut squash
regular potato
vegetable juice
purple cabbage
watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew 
dates or dried apricots
16 oz BodyArmor Lyte 15% (coconut water is by far better than Gatorade or Propel for electrolytes)
spaghetti sauce
tomato paste

In my next post, I'll share specific high potassium diet recipes for weight loss and Covid 19 recovery. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Surprise things Covid 19 taught me about electrolytes, dehydration, potassium and weight loss

I've been blogging about how I got overweight and then how I lost 100 pounds and recently, about my prolonged bout of Covid 19. Well, let me just say that although Covid 19 was awful and recovery challenging, I have learned some surprising things about obesity, weight loss, calorie restricting, dehydration and electrolytes (particularly potassium). 

I got Covid 19 in early May. Surprise! I was scrupulously careful but it is a tricky disease. I'd waited to get the Covid vaccine because I was recovering from shoulder surgery. Thinking, I guess, that it might make recovery worse. Surprise! Turns out I shoulda gotten it right away because Covid definitely made it more difficult. 

I lost 100 pounds seven years ago and had started calorie restricting again to lose weight gained back after surgery. Covid nausea and diarrhea did provide me with weight loss but also dehydration, exhaustion, dropped metabolism, lethargy and brain fuzz which have continued through July. Surprise! Weight loss also stalled. 

During the Covid fever, I was insanely thirsty but water tasted funny and made me sick. My poop turned orange. My husband (who also had Covid) had brown pee. Surprise! That was dehydration but I was too sick to connect or think to drink Gatorade or coconut water or some beverage with electrolytes. 

But it's a good thing that I was unable to lose weight and shake Covid exhaustion because it sent me researching. First, what is dehydration? Lack of electrolytes. What exactly are electrolytes? Calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. But I was confused. Sure during Covid I was dehydrated. But normally? I drink water all the time and take calcium, potassium and magnesium supplements and drink Emergen'C. What gives?

Well, I started reading labels and surprise, my potassium supplement only has 2% of the RDA, which BTW is 4,000 mg. So I got some Propel but misread the label. It only has 60mg not 60% RDA. Most "vitamin water" has little potassium. The best is coconut water but even Body Armor Coconut Water only has 10% is a 12-oz serving. 

So why am I now struggling with weight loss and dehydration when I was able to lose weight before? I think one reason is because I switched from calorie restricting to more of a keto diet. I quit eating some high electrolyte foods (potatoes, beans, watermelon, sweet potatoes, bananas) because they're not keto. So I'm not getting enough potassium, at least, on my diet. 

No surprise, most people don't whether they're trying to lose weight or not. That's because most of us, overweight or not, eat the wrong foods. I always source "My 600-lb Life" for roots of obesity.  "My 600-lb Life" patients got overweight and end up needing gastric bypass because of poor diet. Their metabolism is frozen and they end up with diabetes, hypertension, etc. 

You never see anyone on "My 600-lb Life" drinking water and always soda. So yeah, hydration is just a small part of their problem, but is it? I think hydration is at the core. I've found that Covid 19, obesity, metabolism (or lack thereof in metabolic syndrome, aka insulin resistance aka pre-diabetes), hypertension, high cholesterol, liver problems, you name it--all can be remedied with proper hydration and balanced electrolytes. 

More tomorrow on how I lost 100 pounds and diabetes without gastric bypass using a high potassium/magnesium diet. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Diet dessert recipes for summer weight loss: Have your cake and lose weight, too!

Weight loss is one of the hottest search terms ever. If you're trying to lose weight, what's the hardest time of year for you--winter or summer? What foods are hardest to give up, to lose weight? If you said "summer" and "dessert," here are diet dessert recipes and fat burning summer desserts to prove you can have your cake and lose weight too. These summer dessert recipes will help lose obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. Be sure to tell everyone these are diet dessert recipes. They may scoff but they'll have to eat humble pie when they taste these awesomely low-calorie summer desserts! 

Albert's Tropical Dream Pie. This pie is my sweetie pie's favorite! He loves cream pie but can never decide between banana, pineapple or coconut cream, so DIY me figured, why not do all three? Make a keto friendly no-bake crust of coconut flour and coconut oil. Blend fresh chopped pineapple, lemon juice, one cup plain Greek yogurt, one avocado, one cup unsweetened flaked coconut and one sliced banana. Fill pie crust. Top with banana slices immediately before serving. 

Obesity-busting Keto friendly no-bake pie crust. Add milled flaxseed, crushed almonds, chia seed coconut oil and erythritol. 

Fat Burning Fruit-in-season Cheesecake. In a bowl, dissolve one box reduced-sugar lemon gelatin in a cup of hot water. Blend in first one cup Greek yogurt and then one eight-ounce carton of light whipped topping, If you prefer vanilla-flavored cheese cake, omit the gelatin and water and use one package  sugarfree vanilla pudding and one cup flaxseed, coconut or almond milk. Add a dash of nutmeg. Fold in berries or fresh sliced fruit in season. These diet dessert recipes are delicious with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches and strawberries. Decorate with more fruit immediately before serving. 

Diet food swaps for weight loss: Use lowfat ready-made graham cracker crust the fat burning crust recipe above. Or line a dish with lowfat vanilla wafers. You can swap out pudding for avocado in cheesecake too. 

Fat Burning (really!) Chocolate Trifle. Trifle is a to-die-for concoction similar to some tiramisu recipes. Lidia Bastianich made one on PBS Create. Hers was from scratch and looked yummy but time consuming. If you don't have a huge test kitchen with seven people on your staff, make this quick, easy one with diet food swaps. 

You'll need keto favorite full-fat Greek yogurt, sugarfree whipped topping, instant sugarfree chocolate pudding (or avocado, cacao nibs--one of obesity's worst enemies-- or dark chocolate or cocoa powder and blue agave syrup), fresh fruit and angel food cake. Melt cacao nibs, dark chocolate (70% or higher cacao) or unsweetened cocoa and blend in avocado, yogurt and topping. Tear off bits of sponge cake or angel food cake and place in the bottom of a dessert dish. Spoon a layer of pudding mixture over the cake. Next, arrange a layer of berries or sliced bananas. 

For chocolate trifle, use cherries, strawberries or raspberries. For vanilla trifle use bananas, peaches, mango, raspberries, kiwi and pineapple. If you want to make your trifle extra special, layer fruit in different colors. Over the fruit, place a layer of topping. Decorate with fresh fruit or shaved dark chocolate. If desired, repeat layers. You can make these summer desserts swing weight loss friendly with a few simple food swaps and never miss the calories! 

Friday, July 23, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds with a fat flush liver cleanse: weight loss protein shake recipe

Good morning, class! Today we're going to talk about a yucky, but very effective way to lose weight (without a weight loss drug or gastric bypass).This method is also good for managing diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure) and LDL cholesterol. So what is this magic obesity cure? Part of how I lost 100 pounds was using an antioxidant fat flush liver cleanse. I'll get to the recipe soon, but first some background. 

So I think we all get that the western diet (supersize portions of junk food, fast food, over-processed food with little nutritional value) is largely responsible for so many of us being overweight. We don't need a show like "My 600-lb Life" to prove that obesity is rampant. The gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life" are extreme, but not uncommon, examples. And thanks to "My 600-lb Life" we can see the disastrous results of overeating the western diet. 

So what does that have to do with a liver cleanse for weight loss? Well, much of what makes us overweight (and gives us diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and liver problems) is stored fat from that western diet. A gastric bypass can slow overeating but it won't lose weight alone. That's where the liver/colon cleanse comes in. 

Earlier, I said this was the yucky part of the weight loss show. That's because "fat flush" and "liver cleanse" are sanitized versions (pun intended LOL) for diuretic. What cleansing does is to "power wash" your innards of all that stored fat. And what goes in must come out. A liver or colon cleanse literally makes you poop and pee out the stored fat. It also uses antioxidants to cleanse toxins. 

My homemade fat flush recipe doesn't have lots of fancy ingredients and no chemical diuretic. It relies on fat-burning, fiber-based, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. This recipe acts not only as a colon and liver and colon cleanse but also a kidney cleanse which is important to lose weight. It helps control blood sugar and prevent obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol problems. 

Here's my weight loss cleanse recipe: (some ingredients I take as supplements and some I mix into a protein shake). 

keto MCT coconut oil supplements 

apple cider vinegar supplements

green tea with lemon ( I drink this all day)

keto seed and protein bread (I used the Aldi keto protein bread which has tons of fiber from seeds)

Protein shake of plant protein powder, spinach or red cabbage, berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, lemon--rind and all, grapefruit and water). This fat-burning protein shake acts as a natural diuretic. It regulates blood sugar too and actually makes me feel happy after I drink it!  Drinking one a day is part of how I lost 100 pounds! 


Thursday, July 22, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds with a gratitude adjustment diet and failed weight loss with fattitude!

Hello my darlins! Just mar sharing more ideas on how to lose weight. Today, we look at the good, bad and beautiful of weight loss, specifically how I lost 100 pounds with the gratitude adjustment diet and failed with fattitude. 

Fattitude is what I call the obesity mindset. It's what Al-Anon means by stinkin thinkin, only related to food addiction and body image. Fattitude is supersize combo of self-pity, low self-esteem, selfishness, no self-awareness and self-help fail. That's a lot self. And this stinkin thinkin is a direct spiral to obesity and a roadblock to lose weight. 

Many of you didn't know me when I was very overweight. I was careful to keep most of my stinkin thinkin hidden. So if you need to see what plus-size fattitude looks like, watch the gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life." In-denial patients whinge, make excuses and play the blame-shame game. 

I don't say this to shame "My 600-lb Life" patients. I appreciate their candor about obesity. Say what you will about the behavior on "My 600-lb Life", I doubt many of us would have the chutzpah to share our overweight lifestyle. I wouldn't want you to see my fattitude unmasked, no matter how much it helps. 

And that brings me back to the point of this post, how I lost 100 pounds with the gratitude adjustment diet. I didn't just get an attitude adjustment, I got a gratitude makeover. It was kind of a "mental gastric bypass" in which I cut off negativity and focused on positivity. 

I'll splain. Weight loss involves not just eating less or not eating certain foods. I had to change how I ate. In the same way, to lose weight (and also depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body image dysmorphia), I had to do more than just stop doing certain things (whining, self-pity, making excuses). I had to start doing other things, like looking for things to be grateful for. And they are all around. 

Here's a fr'instance. My backyard has a lot of weeds. My old overweight fattitude wouldn't let me see past that. But a gratitude adjustment completely changes perspective. I gave thanks for the beautiful patio our youngest son had made. I watered my herbs, in pretty pots my friend made. I admired my husband's handiwork on a new porch. I enjoyed a tomato sandwich with fresh basil from the garden, while watching the woodchuck and squirrel follies. I filled the bird feeder and had a nice conversation with a chickadee who waited patiently for her seed. 

A gratitude adjustment loses mental weight as well as physical. And it feels so much better! 



Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Covid 19 exhaustion update

 So I guess I'm one of the 5-10% of Covid 19 folks who don't shake symptoms for months. 11 weeks later, am still insanely tired (think mono or pregnancy tired, ladies). No energy and when I do something that requires any, I fall asleep immediately afterward. Also short of breath which sets off anxiety which makes me short of breath, vicious cycle. You get the picture. 

We had the Covid 19 vaccine 2 weeks after "last" symptoms as per doctor recommendation. And I know there are those who will say that this is the fault of the vaccine not Covid 19 symptoms themselves. Eh, who knows. I'm going with the lasting Covid symptoms myself. Cause I never did rebound from the exhaustion. 

Happily the depression/anxiety seems better, except for concern over how long this will last. I'm looking forward to getting back to my zesty self, that's for sure. Love ya'll and be safe, please. This virus is not gone just because masks are off. I'm hoping we're not in for an onslaught from letting our guards down. And that's probably a part of my social anxiety--sure don't want to get this again. And most worrying of all  is, are these lingering symptoms leftover or do I have round 2? With ongoing tiredness, it would be difficult to know. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

5 Things you shouldn't do to lose weight--#3 and #5 will surprise you

Hey guys! Back with more on how I lost 100 pounds and today's are weight loss don'ts. Here are 5 things you shouldn't do to lose weight-- and numbers 3 and 5 are going to surprise you (maybe number 4 too). 

1) Don't "crash diet." Intermittent fasting is one thing. But you shouldn't practice excessive calorie restricting. Nor should you cut out entire food groups. Ergo, why I'm not a fan of the keto diet. You may lose weight eating all fat and protein and no carbs, but it's not sustainable. Even those with chronic obesity on "My 600-lb Life" are advised to follow a calorie restricting 1200 calorie diet. If you do intermittent fasting, don't do it all day. 

2) Don't watch TV or hang out on social media or just online in general. Staring a screen for hours on end is a direct path to obesity because it's so much easier to mindlessly eat. Especially don't watch cooking shows! Even working at home, online, can be tricky because food is more accessible. No one knows how much you're eating and it can be hard to self-regulate. Part of how I got overweight was working at home, in a sedentary job. 

3) Having said that, don't exercise too much when you first begin to lose weight. I knew this weight loss tip might surprise you! But this is as per obesity specialist Dr. Now of  "My 600-lb Life." Why not? Because the more overweight we are, the more exercise makes us hungry which makes calorie restricting harder. For sure, get around and move. Just don't do any hardcore fitness workouts till you're further along in weight loss and have calorie restricting (1200 calorie diet is good) under control. 

4) Don't eat "diet food" per se. Or at least,  if you use special diet food, read the labels and count the macros. Make sure you're getting enough protein and fiber for the fat and net carb content. Net carbs are an algorithm of fiber carbs subtracted from sugar carbs. (This part of keto, I like). Look for added sugar and avoid fake sweeteners. Watch out out for "lite" (why can't they spell it correctly?) and lowfat diet food. Light bread is usually okay, cuz sugar carbs are reduced. But I prefer keto bread.

5) Run from diet pop, diet sweet tea and other artificial sweetener foods. "My 600-lb Life" Dr. Now and other obesity specialists say that diet pop has the same effect as sugar soda on blood sugar and insulin production. Drinking it can lead to pre-diabetes (AKA insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome) and diabetes. And, because it doesn't have the payout of sugar, it makes you want and therefore eat, more.  I'm still not sure how I feel sugar alcohol (erythritol or monkfruit). Erythritol is a keto favorite and though it doesn't taste chemicalish like monkfruit or Splenda, it does have a weird mouth feel. Or maybe  it's just cuz I know erythritol isn't what I'm used to. 

6) Bonus weight loss don't. Don't "ban" any food group. Part of how I lost 100 pounds and diabetes was by eating everything. I did kind of a Zone diet (40-30-30 diet) and didn't nix any food (except soda pop which isn't a food so that's okay). The Zone diet advises balance, ergo the 40-30-30 plate percentage rule. I did eat less added sugar carbs, more fruit carbs and focused on net carbs with fiber and protein balance. 

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