Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Diet derailments and how to get weight loss back on track

So you're trying to lose weight and you blew your diet? Big deal. No, I mean you really blew it, as in Mardi Gras, Christmas and feeding frenzy rolled into one. Still I say, big deal. Weight loss derailments happen for a bunch of reasons (more later on that). They're part of how I lost 100 pounds. Really! 

Here's how to get that weight loss back on track. First, no excuses but also no self-flagellation.  Don't blame others for your overeating. It was your choice. No one made you do it. BUT and this is a bigger, don't beat yourself up. You may have failed diet for awhile but you're not a failure. You will lose weight. Find out what derailed you, pick yourself up

and move on. 

There are reasons why you fell off the wagon but they are just that. Reasons. I was overeating after shoulder surgery and needed to eat more to heal. But that is not an excuse to continue. If I make excuses, I'll stay stuck in the overeating habit. And I DO NOT want to start all over again with weight loss. 

Don't quit quitting. Keep on keeping on as the very wise Al-Anon slogans go. That's how I lost 100 pounds. I may fall occasionally. Over the last year, I put on 20 pounds. But I beat obesity once and I can get this weight back off. 


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