Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Diet depression, comfort eating and warding off weight loss blues

Hello my dear friends! Today's post is about diet depression. You know, that blah feeling you get from too much counting calories and cutting portions and not enough chocolate LOL? It's a big reason why those of us who are pursing weight loss hot and heavy turn to comfort eating. 

What is "comfort" eating? In this context I mean turning to food to boost your spirits. Even folks who aren't dieting often turn to food to alleviate the blues. It becomes a vicious circle of overeating, putting on weight, feeling depressed and guilty and eating more. Lather rinse repeat. The end result is obesity. 

It's even worse when you are working at weight loss. Oftentimes you don't eat enough and so don't get enough fuel to your brain. You wear out and don't have the emotional resistance to ward off those blues. That's another vicious cycle. And if you're already prone to depression it's even more bumpy. 

I wish I could tell you that there was an easy fix but there's not. I do suggest eating enough to keep your brain fueled. Each person has different requirements. I also recommend avoiding traditional "comfort foods" -sweets, salty snacks, fast food, junk food. 

Prayer and meditation help me a lot. Focusing on things that make you happy, obviously. I'm trying to count blessings with calories (Thank you, Sonja). Avoiding negativity, always. Exercise and sunshine work wonders too! Best to you as you work your weight loss program! Love mar

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