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Best Valentine's Day gifts for people on a diet: How I lost 100 pounds by redefining treats


Hello friends of this blog on how I lost 100 pounds without gastric bypass or weight loss drugs. As part of my Happy Heart February weight loss challenge I'm looking at non-food Valentine's gifts. Because part of how I lost 100 pounds was by redefining treats. And I realize that the best Valentine's Day gifts are not food but self-care. Here are 6 Valentine's Day gifts in all price ranges for people on a diet.

Bath set: Some of my most peaceful, relaxed moments are spent in the bathtub. So give your loved one goodies to pamper themselves, for Valentine's Day. Fill a basket with scented body wash, body oil, bath brush, exfoliating treatments, back pillow and even a tray for book and teacup. 

Personal care items: Guys, if you're like mine, you buy the cheapest of cheap in personal care. I mean, God love you for frugality, but you deserve better. I'm loving the increasing range of options for men, in personal care. Beard oil, body spray, moisturizers, fancy shave lotions, aftershave, nice quality razors. Trust me, once you go from two-blade to 3, 4 or 5, you'll never go back. And your skin will thank you. For Valentines' Day gifts for men, get him 4-blade razors, moisturizing body wash and shaving products like Cremo (it smells soooo sexy, too!) 

Books: explore books on your loved one's interest list. Check out Thriftbooks for secondhand. I've found many of my husband's beloved children's books there. And for ebooks and audio recordings, Hoopla is free to download on your phone. 

Pets: Adopt a new pet for your Valentine. I adopted these two kitty boys shown in the picture, for my husband's birthday. His mother and our cat Scooter had both passed away on previous birthdays and so this was a difficult time for him. Moishe and Mordecai have made what was a sad time, happy! (and very silly!)

Games: When we were dating, in the early 80s, my now-husband and I didn't have much money for dates. So we played games, favorites being Chinese Checkers, Uno and Scattergories. We've amassed a huge collection of board games and have even been able to find games from childhood, like King Oil, Dealer's Choice, old Clue, Careers, Forest Friends and Waterworks on eBay. 

Love coupons: I made these with the kids years ago and they never fail to please. Make coupons redeemable for one morning to sleep in, a free car wash or a night off doing the dishes. 

If you follow this blog, you know that I often reference the gastric bypass reality show "My 600-lb Life." One problem that comes up with every patient on "My 600-lb Life" is that treats must be junk food and comfort only comes from eating. Rethinking what is actually a treat, was a major part of how I lost 100 pounds without gastric bypass or weight  loss drugs. 

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