Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Covid 19 exhaustion update

 So I guess I'm one of the 5-10% of Covid 19 folks who don't shake symptoms for months. 11 weeks later, am still insanely tired (think mono or pregnancy tired, ladies). No energy and when I do something that requires any, I fall asleep immediately afterward. Also short of breath which sets off anxiety which makes me short of breath, vicious cycle. You get the picture. 

We had the Covid 19 vaccine 2 weeks after "last" symptoms as per doctor recommendation. And I know there are those who will say that this is the fault of the vaccine not Covid 19 symptoms themselves. Eh, who knows. I'm going with the lasting Covid symptoms myself. Cause I never did rebound from the exhaustion. 

Happily the depression/anxiety seems better, except for concern over how long this will last. I'm looking forward to getting back to my zesty self, that's for sure. Love ya'll and be safe, please. This virus is not gone just because masks are off. I'm hoping we're not in for an onslaught from letting our guards down. And that's probably a part of my social anxiety--sure don't want to get this again. And most worrying of all  is, are these lingering symptoms leftover or do I have round 2? With ongoing tiredness, it would be difficult to know. 

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