Tuesday, July 20, 2021

5 Things you shouldn't do to lose weight--#3 and #5 will surprise you

Hey guys! Back with more on how I lost 100 pounds and today's are weight loss don'ts. Here are 5 things you shouldn't do to lose weight-- and numbers 3 and 5 are going to surprise you (maybe number 4 too). 

1) Don't "crash diet." Intermittent fasting is one thing. But you shouldn't practice excessive calorie restricting. Nor should you cut out entire food groups. Ergo, why I'm not a fan of the keto diet. You may lose weight eating all fat and protein and no carbs, but it's not sustainable. Even those with chronic obesity on "My 600-lb Life" are advised to follow a calorie restricting 1200 calorie diet. If you do intermittent fasting, don't do it all day. 

2) Don't watch TV or hang out on social media or just online in general. Staring a screen for hours on end is a direct path to obesity because it's so much easier to mindlessly eat. Especially don't watch cooking shows! Even working at home, online, can be tricky because food is more accessible. No one knows how much you're eating and it can be hard to self-regulate. Part of how I got overweight was working at home, in a sedentary job. 

3) Having said that, don't exercise too much when you first begin to lose weight. I knew this weight loss tip might surprise you! But this is as per obesity specialist Dr. Now of  "My 600-lb Life." Why not? Because the more overweight we are, the more exercise makes us hungry which makes calorie restricting harder. For sure, get around and move. Just don't do any hardcore fitness workouts till you're further along in weight loss and have calorie restricting (1200 calorie diet is good) under control. 

4) Don't eat "diet food" per se. Or at least,  if you use special diet food, read the labels and count the macros. Make sure you're getting enough protein and fiber for the fat and net carb content. Net carbs are an algorithm of fiber carbs subtracted from sugar carbs. (This part of keto, I like). Look for added sugar and avoid fake sweeteners. Watch out out for "lite" (why can't they spell it correctly?) and lowfat diet food. Light bread is usually okay, cuz sugar carbs are reduced. But I prefer keto bread.

5) Run from diet pop, diet sweet tea and other artificial sweetener foods. "My 600-lb Life" Dr. Now and other obesity specialists say that diet pop has the same effect as sugar soda on blood sugar and insulin production. Drinking it can lead to pre-diabetes (AKA insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome) and diabetes. And, because it doesn't have the payout of sugar, it makes you want and therefore eat, more.  I'm still not sure how I feel sugar alcohol (erythritol or monkfruit). Erythritol is a keto favorite and though it doesn't taste chemicalish like monkfruit or Splenda, it does have a weird mouth feel. Or maybe  it's just cuz I know erythritol isn't what I'm used to. 

6) Bonus weight loss don't. Don't "ban" any food group. Part of how I lost 100 pounds and diabetes was by eating everything. I did kind of a Zone diet (40-30-30 diet) and didn't nix any food (except soda pop which isn't a food so that's okay). The Zone diet advises balance, ergo the 40-30-30 plate percentage rule. I did eat less added sugar carbs, more fruit carbs and focused on net carbs with fiber and protein balance. 

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