Thursday, July 22, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds with a gratitude adjustment diet and failed weight loss with fattitude!

Hello my darlins! Just mar sharing more ideas on how to lose weight. Today, we look at the good, bad and beautiful of weight loss, specifically how I lost 100 pounds with the gratitude adjustment diet and failed with fattitude. 

Fattitude is what I call the obesity mindset. It's what Al-Anon means by stinkin thinkin, only related to food addiction and body image. Fattitude is supersize combo of self-pity, low self-esteem, selfishness, no self-awareness and self-help fail. That's a lot self. And this stinkin thinkin is a direct spiral to obesity and a roadblock to lose weight. 

Many of you didn't know me when I was very overweight. I was careful to keep most of my stinkin thinkin hidden. So if you need to see what plus-size fattitude looks like, watch the gastric bypass patients on "My 600-lb Life." In-denial patients whinge, make excuses and play the blame-shame game. 

I don't say this to shame "My 600-lb Life" patients. I appreciate their candor about obesity. Say what you will about the behavior on "My 600-lb Life", I doubt many of us would have the chutzpah to share our overweight lifestyle. I wouldn't want you to see my fattitude unmasked, no matter how much it helps. 

And that brings me back to the point of this post, how I lost 100 pounds with the gratitude adjustment diet. I didn't just get an attitude adjustment, I got a gratitude makeover. It was kind of a "mental gastric bypass" in which I cut off negativity and focused on positivity. 

I'll splain. Weight loss involves not just eating less or not eating certain foods. I had to change how I ate. In the same way, to lose weight (and also depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body image dysmorphia), I had to do more than just stop doing certain things (whining, self-pity, making excuses). I had to start doing other things, like looking for things to be grateful for. And they are all around. 

Here's a fr'instance. My backyard has a lot of weeds. My old overweight fattitude wouldn't let me see past that. But a gratitude adjustment completely changes perspective. I gave thanks for the beautiful patio our youngest son had made. I watered my herbs, in pretty pots my friend made. I admired my husband's handiwork on a new porch. I enjoyed a tomato sandwich with fresh basil from the garden, while watching the woodchuck and squirrel follies. I filled the bird feeder and had a nice conversation with a chickadee who waited patiently for her seed. 

A gratitude adjustment loses mental weight as well as physical. And it feels so much better! 



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