Thursday, June 10, 2021

Diet low carb, lowfat tacos and taco salad recipes: Mexican food swaps for weight loss

What is with this crazy obsession with tacos? Mexican food, tacos, burritos and nachos dominate the pub grub scene. They're about to overtake McWhoppers as the fast food of choice. This blog chronicles how I lost 100 pounds and one essential step to lose weight was creating recipes with diet food swaps. Use these diet recipes to swing Mexican food weight loss friendly. 

The show "My 600-lb Life" explores morbid obesity. Overweight folks seeking gastric bypass are shown eating a lot of fast food. One overweight "My 600-lb Life" participant had admitted to a $100 A DAY fast food addiction. Mexican food like tacos, nachos and burritos are frequent flyers on "My 600-lb Life" tables. 

Made right, like our favorites places in Southwest Detroit (Mexicantown), Mexican food is pretty healthy. But the Taco Bell way, uh-uh. Restaurant food is bad enough, but fast food is basically obesity (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, liver disease) in a paper wrapper. 

Dr. Now teaches his gastric bypass patients to cook at home. That's part of how I lost 100 pounds, cooking recipes with lighter food swaps, beginning with Mexican food. I blame tacos for making  me overweight, LOL!  But I was able to lose weight with these protein and veggie forward diet recipes. 

Inside Out Tacos for weight loss

Tacos fail at weight loss in one word: tortillas. And they're very high- glycemic, so avoid if you have diabetes. Switch to low carb keto flatbread with high protein, or go straight keto and eliminate the tortillas chips and shells. Instead of wrapping food in carbs, turn tacos inside out. 

Make a low carb taco salad. If you just can't lose the tortilla (raises hand here) toss in a few chip crumbs. OR, my favorite, swap a little frozen corn (cooked or just thawed) or hominy in your taco salad. I hate flour tortillas and love corn tortillas. I found hominy hits that sweet spot with about a third of the calories. It isn't low carb but it is high fiber at least. 

Swap beef for ground chicken. Season with lime juice, smoky chipotle paprika, cumin, celery salt, oregano, garlic, cinnamon and onion flakes. 24 g of protein for just 100 calories. Make a salad of shredded  lettuce, purple cabbage, carrots, cilantro, diced peppers, tomatoes and onions. Top with meat. 

Skip the cheese and sour cream or use less to lose weight. This was hard at first, but I found I didn't even miss the cheese. Keto diet wisdom says parmesan is the best cheese for weight loss so try that. Top with salsa verde and a little peach pineapple chipotle salsa. Muy bien, taco salad! 

Eating like this, m'dears was how I lost 100 pounds, diabetes and hypertension!

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