Thursday, June 24, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds and Feedburner too!

Greetings! Did you notice the fancy-schmancy new "subscribe" box on this blog? (hint ---->) Apparently, my old follow by email tool, Feedburner, is dying. In-the-know techies have been warning of its demise for ages. But did I listen? Nope! Not till scammers started trying to sell me email tools. 

HTML is the part of the show, at which your blog author fails. I can blog weight loss all day, but how a blog actually works? Meh, not so much. 

But now we have a new, improved way to stay up-to-date (yay!). You can get bytes of weight loss info delivered to your hot little mailbox. I'm so proud that I figured this out! As my youngest son would say, "way to get into this decade, Mom!" 

So if you're interested in how I lost 100 pounds, or diet food swaps and recipes, or "My 600-lb Life" dish, or mind over platter tips (my cute name for diet psychology) or Jedi mind tricks for weight loss or you just want to hang out, as they say on Youtube, "hit subscribe!" 

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