Monday, March 22, 2021

10 inexpensive non-food rewards to celebrate weight loss

Calorie counting and portion control are how I lost 100 pounds. And with that, I lost pre-diabetes, cholesterol and heart problems, menopause woes, depression. I gained confidence, agility, energy and health! So I am ready to party! Before I lost weight, that would have meant wining and dining, which is of course, counter-productive to weight loss. But accomplishments deserve rewards. Here are non-food diet rewards alternatives. Being a tightwad, I've listed inexpensive rewards. 

* Shoes. I'm not a "will work for shoes" gal. But I gotta admit, new footwear has a certain appeal. Check TJ Maxx and Shoe Carnival for great deals--I got two pairs of boots (heeled and flat) for $25!

* Travel. I know, not cheap. And Covid 19 has curtailed some travel. So maybe our Greek vacay waits. But we can still enjoy weekend getaways and day-tripping! Husband and I recommend booking through Priceline to snag best prices and most amenities. 

* New clothes. Along with lost weight, I dropped nine sizes. So I have to reoutfit, right? And how sweet it is to be able to fit cute, hipster styles instead of frumpy fat clothes! Check H&M, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, Maurice and Amazon for good deals. 

* Spa accessories. I bought a heated, massaging foot bath for $19 and spa kit for $18 with coupons from Bed, Bath and Beyond. 

* Mani/pedi. You could pay for these services, and you deserve it. But save money and have your significant other to do your nails and toenails--lots of romance for a dollar bottle of nail polish. Or have a girls night out and do nails! 

* Massage.You can have a family member do it, but here's where I'd splurge on a professional masseur/masseuse. Again, you deserve--and probably need--it. 

* Little black (red, gold, ombre, fractal) dress. When I was fat, I avoided slinky dresses like poison ivy. Now I love dressing up. TJMaxx is my go-to source. 

* Tickets to a show. Now to wear said slinky gown out on the town! My husband and I take in opera and Broadway musicals and even "Minions" 4D! Or cheaper yet, outdoor summer concerts. Some of these venues have been on hold during pandemic. So just do a Breakfast at Tiffany's and walk downtown all decked out.  Don't forget your cute new heels. So you're overdressed? Embrace every chance to show off your new self! 

* Used bookstore explore (with spending money). Hunt up your local lending library's used book rack. Or visit Barnes & Noble's clearance and sale aisles. Grab a cup of Joe, a comfy chair and enjoy! 

* New music. Treat yourself to new tunes or a selection of old favorites. Hit the flea market for a movie shelf upgrade. 

* Sports equipment, game, gym membership. I reward myself with more yoga classes and yard games to play with the family.

Celebrating every achievement was part of how I lost 100 pounds!  

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