Monday, March 29, 2021

Sick of dieting? I was sick from NOT working at weight loss

 Are you trying to lose weight and sick of dieting? I feel ya! Counting calories, portion control, constantly worrying about weight loss gets old. But when I start thinking how tired I am, I remember how sick I was from not dieting. And I realize that boredom is something I can live with. Obesity is something I can't. 

I have always been blessed with good health overall. But then I lost two stillborn babies, started taking the antidepressant Paxil and gained 100 pounds. My health quickly deteriorated. I went from low to high blood pressure, healthy sugar to pre-diabetes and good cholesterol to high LDL and poor HDL. My liver functioning stalled and sleep apnea got worse. My back problems escalated. Menopause was much more difficult. Depression and anxiety were off the charts. 

When I finally got out of denial about my obesity, I was literally falling apart. BUT, good news, just a few months of weight loss and most all of these issues had or were starting to correct themselves. I had only lost about 25 pounds and hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and hepatitis were in reverse. After my 100 pound weight loss, I felt like a new person and 20 years younger! 

Several friends lost their battle with obesity. One was 64 and the other only 50. That's too young to die. So weight loss concerns aren't always fun. I may get sick of living with a diet  but it's so much better than dying from obesity. 

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