Friday, March 26, 2021

KISS weight loss diet plan is how I lost 100 pounds

KISS for weight loss? Sounds GOOD to me!! And while frequent snuggles are essential to emotional health, I'm not talking about the smooching kind of kiss here. Kiss in dieting stands for Keep It Simple Sweetheart. That's how I lost 100 pounds by making my diet plan low maintenance and easy.  

Does that mean you should subscribe to a weight loss meal plan like Nutrisystem? No. True it's simpler but also a LOT more expensive. And reading the nutrition data on many of the meals, I found they were no different calorie wise that regular meals. More on that later. 

You can simplify your diet plan by stocking up on low calorie foods you like and eating the same meals in a weekly routine. Now this doesn't mean eat the same thing every day, unless you are a creature of habit. In which case, rock it! Most people, however, need variety. A weekly diet meal plan gives that. 

Consistency is how I lost 100 pounds. With all the other complications in life, I don't need to be continually counting calories. I don't have time to micromanage to make sure I ate the right amount of nutrients and didn't overdo the fats, salts and sugar. I came up with a weekly menu of low calorie food swaps
that I'll share later. 

If you need to lose weight, you can. I'll be happy to help with advice and tips but you don't need me or anyone else. You CAN do this. Love, mar

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