Wednesday, May 19, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds putting energy into weight loss not whining

I've been writing about how I lost 100 pounds a few years ago. The top two pictures are me with morbid obesity, in 2011. I'm back to working at weight loss again (Thank God, I'm not obese this time and only need to lose weight gained after surgery). I have learned a great deal about obesity and weight loss from the TLC reality TV show "My 600-lb Life." 

This show features morbidly obese patients working toward gastric bypass with bariatric surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan and his team. It's obvious from "My 600-lb Life" episodes about Joyce and Jeanne that excuse-making and self-pity are a big part of being overweight. It occurred to me that if these folks put a fraction of the energy they put into whining toward dieting, they'd have their obesity licked! 

I adore the Brits' word for complaining: whinging. It perfectly sums up the constant bellyaching from from overweight "My 600-lb Life" patients. It's part whine, part bitch done in that high-pitched "oh woe-is-me, oh how I've suffered, wornout Scarlett O'hara" nasal fret (to quote Divine Secets). Part of how I lost 100 pounds was to quit whinging and get busy getting the weight off. 

Because that's the way to get gastric bypass surgery, people. If that's your goal, do what Dr. Now tells you to do. Quit telling him (Jeanne, I'm talking to you) how you deserve surgery. Show him. It has nothing to do with deserve and is all about earning bariatric surgery by proving that you will do the work to start and continue the weight loss process. 

Quit lying (Joyce) about how you've worked so hard to lose weight yet gained 60 pounds. It is not water weight gain or Dr. Now would tell you that. You have not been following the 1,200 calorie bariatric surgery diet. And I'm sorry you're in pain, madam, but obesity will do that to you. You are not having a heart attack. You're out of breath from being overweight.  

So how I lost 100 pounds? By shutting my mouth both to overeating and complaining and putting my energy into positive, proactive weight loss homework. 


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