Sunday, May 23, 2021

Covid 19 nausea abates, diet and weight loss back on despite husband's protest

Hiya friends! Good news from the Covid 19 nausea and that other icky d-word have abated! I'm offering up prayers of thanksgiving! And now, back to the purpose of this blog to detail how I lost 100 pounds. I'm back to working the diet and weight loss program.  This despite my husband's protestations that I should just skip dieting and worry about healing from coronavirus. 

His disapproval stems in part from his own 17-lb weight loss in two weeks during Covid 19 illness. For him, who is not overweight, such a big, rapid weight loss is dangerous. Arguably, it's not good for anyone to lose weight so quickly. I have lost about 10 pounds, though I was debatably overweight (depending on BMI scale). And I have been obese, clearly, as this blog is about how I lost 100 pounds. 

I'm juggling my own desire and need to lose weight, with my husband's firm conviction that it's a terrible idea now. Obviously, if one is overweight or obese, it's a good thing to lose weight. But weight loss as we've had with Covid 19, whether needed or not, can be kinda scary, especially for someone like my husband who has been underweight and worked hard to gain weight. 

If you've read this blog for awhile, you know that I set a lot of store in the teaching of gastric bypass surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life." The "My 600-lb Life" physician tells people seeking gastric bypass that they must lose 30 or more pounds in a month. Granted his patients on "My 600-lb Life" are morbidly obese while I only have about 15 debatable pounds to lose. I'm not working toward gastric bypass. Bariatric surgery was not part of how I lost 100 pounds seven years ago. But I am not going back to being obese, period. 

So post coronavirus, I'm getting right back on the diet wagon. It's too easy to make excuses or let others' ideas derail me. My husband means well but is to some extent speaking from his weight loss concerns. He can afford to beef back up again where I cannot. So for awhile, the skim and whole milk will have to coexist in our frig, LOL! 

Love you guys and thanks for all the prayers and will wishes! I'm so grateful that our coronavirus journey has a happy ending. 

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