Thursday, February 11, 2021

I lost weight when I jumped off the excuse train

When I tell people that I have lost 100 lbs I get a lot of different responses. Most are very positive but a few have an echo of resentment. I have heard comments such as: "well it was easier for you because you (insert reason why it's supposedly easier for me). I can't lose weight because (insert excuse why it is supposedly harder for them)."

Now this doesn't bother me personally. I have lost the weight and no amount of negativity one can take that success away. I don't even honestly care if someone does think I somehow just got lucky. I know the amount of work that went into it. I had and have just as many, maybe more, obstacles to contend with as anyone. 

What concerns me, and I'm going to be blunt here, is the delusional rationalizing that that one CANNOT lose weight because of circumstances in his life. Some conditions may make it more challenging. My sleep apnea and back issues didn't help. Some issues may (MAY) make it harder to see results. I'm not even convinced of that. But nothing prevents someone from eating less and healthier. 

People have struggled with the same health issues through history, plus more  than we have now. Virtually none of them had weight problems. Look at the old pictures. If anything, they were underweight, regardless of country or culture. So why then are so many of us, with the same problems, overweight or obese? Because the health conditions have little or nothing to do with weight gain. That is caused by overeating, eating junk, too much screen time and too little activity. 

And excuse-making. That is huge. I have penned volumes on my own ride on the excuse train. And there's more to come. Another pair of roadblocks is blaming others and  looking everywhere but in our own backyards for change. Those are definitely going to require further blog posts. 

But I will leave you this thought for today. Cuz that's all we, this moment. If you are struggling with shedding pounds, you may be on the excuse train. If so, get off at the next station. Or better yet, jump! Every time you start to think of why you can't, shouldn't have to, don't really need to lose weight, stop. Each time you start rehearsing the litany of reasons why you have weight problems, why you are your helpless and why it's actually someone else's fault, slam on those brakes. That's a side track you don't want to go down. Believe me: been there. 

What I had to do was to revise my attitude and rewrite the script with proactive things I can do, right now, to effect healthy change in my life. Try it... It'll revolutionize your life! 

I love you guys! And despite being the least interested in hockey of anyone I know, I nevertheless use Red Green's closing quote: keep yer stick on the ice and remember I'm pulling for ya ❤️ --mar

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