Sunday, February 14, 2021

Weirdest weight loss excuse: I can't afford to diet

I get a lot of interesting reactions when I tell people how I lost 100 pounds with no drugs or surgery. Most are overwhelmingly positive. Some are, well, odd.  The weirdest response is from people who say they cannot afford to lose weight 😳🤔.  This is a strangely common misunderstanding about weight loss and a big excuse people use to avoid it. Let's take a further look.

1) They assume I lost 100 pounds by having surgery, hiring a personal trainer, buying a lot of expensive diet food or paying for a weight loss program. I did none of those. I wrote my own diet program using elements from various schools of thought. 

2) I did use some supplements: green tea, raspberry ketones, apple cider and Garcinia cambogia. But I got them cheap from the dollar store. And some of them suppressed my appetite so I was able to eat less and save more money.

3) Almost all celebrity weight loss stories involve them hiring a personal trainer. Khloe Kardashian used one and she is supposedly a trainer herself ?! We do not need somebody else to manage our weight loss. In fact, it isn't even really appropriate because it's too easy to rely too much on the trainer and then blame them when we fail. You may benefit from a support group. I found I didn't need that. I'll cover this more in a further blog post. 

4) Dieting actually saved money because I eat less. And you don't need special diet food or meal plans. I wouldn't even recommend them because so many are not that healthy. I have purchased lighter versions of foods I like. But they don't cost any more.

5) Losing weight saves a ton of money in healthcare. A study showed a few years ago that 8 billion dollars in Medicaid was paid for obesity treatment. That doesn't even cover the related issues:  diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, back problems, sleep apnea to name a few. 

So not only could I afford to lose weight, I couldn't afford not to. Happy Heart Day ❤️❤️ love --mar

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