Saturday, February 13, 2021

Diet failure or fear of failure?

Okay fair warning here comes another super blunt post. By that I mean I'm going to debunk some ideas I believe to be myths about weight loss and I may possibly come off as harsh. As always, my intent is to help not hurt. But in so doing I have to be honest. I have spent too many years trying to sugarcoat my ideas to make them more palatable. I've also spent too much time apologizing and backing down at the first hint that anyone's offended. But I no longer believe those are good strategies where big important subjects like health are concerned Again, I'm always preaching to myself first and I promise a party at the end. So here goes.

It's been 7 years since I lost 100 lbs. And I've been writing about it all through that time. A lot of people have asked me about my weight loss, how I did it, etc. Many have told me they would like to lose weight, have tried everything and that nothing works. With all due respect (here comes the blunt part) that's simply not true. If I have tried everything and not lost weight, then the problem is not with the diet but the dieter. Either I am a wonder of modern science (not likely) or I am exaggerating how much work I put into it and downplaying my lack of effort.

I'm not saying they're lying but they are not being honest with themselves. For one thing, the statements "tried everything" and "nothing works" are ridiculously generalized. No one has tried every eating plan. Sure some diets are better than others. Some folks should run screaming from (the lemon detox leaps to mind) But there is something out there that will help me reduce IF I'm willing to do the work.

I can tell you why people don't lose weight. It's not that diets fail us. We fail them. We try a few diets, don't stick with any of them and fall back into old habits. Or we cut corners. Or don'tgive it enough time. Or eat more than we admit. Or don't really care. Or blame other people. Or all of the above.

But the deepest issue and possibly biggest, is fear. I can hear it in their voices, not that nothing HAS worked but that nothing WILL work. I sometimes suspect that they haven't really even tried at all to lose weight because they are crippled by this fear. They tell themselves that they have tried everything because it's easier to think that you are that wonder of modern science, then it to admit failure or face the fears.

I'm not the most self-aware of people and I can get right down in that River of denial without even noticing I stepped in the water. For years I closed my eyes too how fat I was getting. And I can tell you right now I remember that fear before I lost weight. It was so deep that it wasn't even really fear just certitude that the pounds would never come off because I would never be able to do the work it required. 

But I did!! Yay!! Here comes the aforementioned party! Blow the party hooter and toss the confetti! And you know what's even more awesome? We are all invited! Anybody and everybody can lose weight if they choose to. It's not just for the rich or young or pretty or

smart lol I'm proof of that 🤣😂

And the Uber coolest thing is that it isn't even really that difficult, certainly not as hard as I thought it would be. More on that later my dears ❤️❤️❤️ hugs and kisses --mar

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