Monday, May 24, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds with weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants and fat burners

I've been blogging about how I lost 100 pounds without gastric bypass or any other bariatric surgery. I'm happy to share weight loss tips but there's one that I'm hesitant about: appetite suppressants and diet supplements.  But people want to know how I lost 100 pounds and kept it off and diet supplements did help. I'm not talking about drugs to lose weight, but natural, mostly fruit, supplements. 

There are several reasons that I don't talk much about weight loss supplements and fat burners. I don't want anyone using them on my recommendation and then having problems. I also don't want it to sound as if diet supplements are magic and that there's nothing else to weight loss. The biggest parts will always be diet, exercise, calorie counting and portion control. But there are a few diet supplements that helped and here they are. 

* Green tea: This fat burner is an appetite suppressant that aids weight loss. I've tried green coffee bean but that was too much caffeine for me. Another ingredient that while natural can cause issues is guarana. If you have trouble with caffeine, don't take the full amount. 

* Acai: This fat burners supplement works great as a system cleanse. Without being graphic, let's just say it purges me and keeps me regular!

* Berry blends: Different manufacturers use various berry and fruit combinations: blueberry, bilberry, cranberry, raspberry, capsicum. I've used most all types and they each work well as fat burners (because of the seeds) and antioxidants.

* Yerba mate leaf: I've tried green tea blends without yerba mate and they don't seem to work as well to lose weight.

* Uva-Ursi leaf: I'm not sure exactly what this herb does, but I know that I have been able to lose weight using weight loss supplement that contain it.

*apple cider vinegar is a great fat burner and appetite suppressant

* Coconut oil also known as MCT or CLA fat burner

* Garcinia cambogia appetite suppressant

* Raspberry ketones fat burner

* White kidney bean and cinnamon to neutralize carbs and sugar

* Fruit and vegetable supplement: There are many varieties on the market. My favorite is Sundown Whole Food Multi. It's got all the letter vitamins, plus blends of green food, probiotics, omega, digestive enzymes, herb, fruit, vegetable and mushroom blend. It's the cheapest compared to Vita-Life, Alive or Your Life.

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