Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Covid 19 weight loss, dehydration and all that entails

Greetings from the Covid 19 sick bed. Almost two weeks ago, my husband came home from work sick and tested positive for coronavirus. He was kind enough to share it with me, LOL (well we do everything else on the buddy plan, so why not this too?). I've taken a break from writing about how I lost 100 pounds, to share with you what our Covid 19 journey looks like. And it does have a weight loss component but not the kind I would have liked. 

Yesterday, I wrote about how coronavirus symptoms are like an Advent calendar with each day bringing a new surprise behind the little window. Today's is dehydration and all that involves. Which is a lot more than I expected. I have been waking up with a killer headache. I remembered that this is one side effect of being dehydrated. 

My husband has been having brown urine. Another indication of Covid 19 dehydration. And possibly, I hate to say it, kidney issues. But we have not been neglecting fluids. In fact, we both drink non-stop. I wake up about 10 times a night literally parched. My mouth and throat are so dry they feel like they're closing up. My nose is bleeding, probably because my sinuses are so dry. 

I drink at least two bottles of water at night. We've also had a revolving door fever that we get under control only to have it restart the next night. I think the problem is that this ongoing fever dries up any fluid we drink as fast as we can drink it. 

And then there's the Covid 19 weight loss. My poor husband has lost 12 pounds in as many days. Any nourishment he gets seems to go to feed this fever. This is not healthy weight loss. It's starvation. So this is really scary, but again, as I said yesterday. We are the lucky ones. We will get through this. We will survive. But coronavirus is certainly an illness like no other. 

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