Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Covid 19 "morning sickness" nausea, diarrhea and weight loss but still grateful

Howdy friends, time for today's Covid 19 update and if you've got a weak stomach, better give this one a miss. My husband and I are into our third week of coronavirus symptoms. He's back to work: still exhausted but out of time off. I've got the symptoms variety pack with nausea and diarrhea playing a double feature for the past week and a half. We've both had weight loss from lack of appetite. 

So that's been kinda weird. I understood Covid 19 to be more cold and flu symptoms than stomach bug. But that's exactly what's been plaguing me in coronavirus, are those nasties associated with stomach "flu." I haven't eaten or wanted anything to eat. Everything tastes and smells awful, even water. Bottled water tastes like saltwater. Tap water tastes sickeningly sweet. It feels a lot like morning sickness that never ends. I wanted weight loss but not like this. And my husband has lost weight and he cannot afford to.

And the diarrhea...that's been bizarrely similar to that of food poisoning. Four years ago, I had campylobacter jejuni and it got so bad that I essentially had dysentery. Poop turned black and watery, which I was told was basically just dried blood. Charming, I know. Whatever food I do eat, well, goes right through. Needless to say, I've got the weight loss thing down, but it would be nice to at least want to eat again. 

BUT, throughout this 3-ring circus called Covid 19, I'm very grateful. I have been coughing and had a lot of mucus problems (sorry I warned you that it would be gross). Sometimes it's hard to catch my breath. But I don't have respiratory issues or fluid in my lungs (I don't think). It's getting better and I think both my husband and I have turned that corner away from the danger zone. THANK YOU, LORD! Also, my loved ones haven't gotten ill. So if I had to take coronavirus for our team, so be it.  It could be so much worse! (And yes, I'll be getting that vaccine ASAP).

Love you all! Hope I'll be back to good ole healthy weight loss talk real soon! <3

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