Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Scales aid weight loss but can also shake confidence to lose weight

 Hi guys, time for some more thoughts on weight loss from your friendly, if scatter-brained dieet blogger. I say scatty because what I'm going to suggest today--ignore the scale-- I don't actually do. I'm a confessed, obsessed, compulsed slave to the scale. And I think that has made it harder for me to lose weight, or at least feel good about my progress. 

I'm not saying you shouldn't weigh yourself. The show "My 600-lb Life" (where I get a lot of inspiration) demonstrates that the scale is essential in recognizing morbid obesity. I was never overweight till I put on 100 pounds after pregnancy problems, depression and antidepressant use. Seeing how I obese I was kicked my butt to lose weight. It  helped me keep my weight loss on track. 

However, the first half or so of weight loss is a freebie if you're doing diet correctly. Even people with morbid obesity on "My 600-lb Life" demonstrate this. But then as you near your goal. Bang! The door slams shut. Those last recalcitrant 15 pounds just will not come off. Or you get to goal weight but then bounce back up 20 pounds. And you can't lose weight no matter how hard you try. That's when the scale becomes a tyrannical enemy. 

I'm at this place now. Obesity is not a problem. I'm technically only 15 pounds overweight. I'm not obese and according to some BMI scales, not even overweight. I've been dieting like crazy. But it's heavy weather and I'm getting discouraged. What's weird is that my clothes fit better and pudge pods (you know, those belly fat blobs) are smaller. It's not just my imagination or wishful thinking. 

I'm not saying the scale is broken, like the folks on "My 600-lb Life" do. I just can't get the bloody thing to prove weight loss. And so what? I know I've lost weight, or fat, at least. I feel better. I look normal size. I'm following the diet. This is the point at which I say, ignore the scale.  Babysitting it is just shakes my confidence and stresses me. And maybe I'm just not supposed to lose weight? According to one BMI scale, I'm not overweight. It said further weight loss would have no benefit. So maybe I'll just do what's best for my mental health and be grateful for
where I am. 

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