Saturday, May 1, 2021

How I lost 100 pounds doing nothing: weight loss tips for sedentary workers

Greetings fellow slender seekers! Just mar, your friendly neighborhood quirky health blogger back with more weird weight loss tips! How'd ya like today's blog post title? "How I lost 100 pounds doing nothing." Obesity and dieting aren't the most thrilling subjects in the world so I try to make my tips fun and intriguing! So, how to do nothing and lose weight. 

In 2012,  I realized that I was overweight, nay obese. Not "My 600-lb Life" type obese but waaayyy overweight. I looked at various weight loss programs and put together one that worked for me.  Following it is how I lost 100 pounds. (Pause for small scream of joy and confetti throwing). Now, as with everyone who needs or wants to lose weight, I had some special parameters in my life that made it more difficult. Actually they are a big part of what led to my obesity. 

When I started my weight loss program, I was a WAHM (no, not a member of George Michael's band, wish), a work-at-home-mom. I wrote articles and blogged online. And I was very much what's called a sedentary worker--I sat all day long. So, how I lost 100 pounds doing nothing? I literally did nothing, or very little, besides hunch over a computer all day. But lose weight I did.  

I'm not saying that weight loss was easy, being a WAHM. It was made even more difficult given my office is six paces from the kitchen. Food was available all day long! These aren't ideal conditions for dieting. But the point is, it can be done. To lose weight, I had to factor my circs into the diet plan. 

Because exercising enough was challenging, I had to restrict diet more. Less energy output meant fewer calories required. Yeah, I know mental work burns calories but not nearly as much as physical. I'm doing Shipt now, and it's a very active job. Shipt shopping burns loads of calories and I can eat more. So I also had to reprogram my grocery shopping list (see my post on that) with diet-friendly foods. I had to nix and control obesity triggers: sweets, salty snacks and calorie-forward carbs and fats. 

Now I'm back to working to WAHM-ing after shoulder surgery has made Shipt impossible. I've put on some pounds and though not obese, I am overweight again. I'm working to get 30 pounds off (about 21 to go). It's more difficult now because I can't do many exercises. Also, I'm older (note to all ourselves: lose weight sooner rather than later). But what worked before can and is working again! So though I don't recommend doing nothing (sedentary work) for weight loss, I do assure you it is possible! 

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