Monday, May 3, 2021

Super protein banana bread pudding diet recipe for weight loss

Since our kids moved to Louisiana, I've learned a lot about New Orleans and Cajun culture and cuisine. Oh favorite food that surprised me was bread pudding. I always thought of it my Dutch grannies' (kinda blah) leftover bread use-up recipe, which it is. But it is also a yummy treat AND made right, bread pudding is a great diet recipe for weight loss. You can have your cake and lose weight too! Here's how I lost 100 pounds with diet recipes like my super protein, low calorie banana bread pudding. 

Banana bread pudding might not strike you as a weight loss food, but with a few tweaks, it not only helps burn fat and lose weight, it satisfies that need for dessert! Busting obesity requires fat burners and carb balancing. Start by cubing 6-8 slices of whole grain oat light bread. If it's getting stale all the better. You'll make my Hollander grannies' love of leftover use-ups! Let that dry. 

Next, mash one or two bananas (use up about to go bad ones and score even more granny points!). This will add sweetness without refined sugar (a big obesity trigger). Next, beat 4 eggs or 6 egg whites. Egg whites have all the protein and no cholesterol. They are great for weight loss! I have to eat the entire egg because I have albumin intolerance. 

Now here comes the great lose weight protein source: skip the milk and use plant protein powder. Add two scoops to water to make a creamy consistency. You get a whopping 48 grams of protein for a mere 240 calories! Blend with egg mixture, add vanilla and load that puppy with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice in any combination. 

Segue here, part of how I lost 100 pounds was learning to "fake out" hunger and cravings with what I call Jedi "mind over platter" tricks. Vanilla and spices are great mind tricks for weight loss as they give the impression of sweet" with no added sugar. AND you get none of that fake sugar taste. 

Spray a 9x13 pan with cooking spray, cover with bread cubes and sprinkle a handful of chopped dates or prunes over the top (just as tasty as raisins and better for folks trying to lose weight). Add egg mixture and blend to moisten. Top with pumpkin seeds for even more protein and a big MUFA (fatty acids) fat burner bang! Seeds are a great friend to weight loss! 

If you need a leetle more sweet, add a dash of pure maple syrup or blue agave syrup. Banana bread pudding make a great obesity-busting breakfast casserole. You'll think you're eating French toast! This diet recipe gives dessert for under 180 calories per large serving (about six total). To quote Cajun chef Justin Wilson,  "it wondermus, I guarantee!!" 

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