Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Bone broth for weight loss: Recipes to make bone broth not disgusting

Hi friends, day 3 of our No Junk January weight loss challenge finds me looking diet recipes and tweaks to make diet food palatable. The focus of No Junk January is not  just about what to avoid, but what to eat to lose weight and feel better.  Creating healthier weight loss friendly versions of favorite foods is how I lost 100 pounds 10 years ago (without gastric bypass). 

Today I'm exploring bone broth to lose weight. Now, let me just say, that I've tried bone broth before and if you can get it down without gagging, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din. Maybe it's the name, "bone" broth. I swear I can taste enamel or marrow or whatever icky stuff bones are made of. We're not just talking about the whiny fits folks on "My 600-lb Life" throw over eating foods like vegetables. Bone broth is flat out nasty. 

But it also crazy good for calorie restricting diets. One serving has 85 calories and a whopping 24 grams of protein and tons of nutrients. So how to make bone broth palatable enough to drink? Very simple. Learned this from our youngest daughter who offered us some for breakfast on our latest trip to visit her in Austin. Add spices. 

Here's a spicy recipes for chicken or beef bone broth. Ginger up (pardon the pun) chicken bone broth with ginger powder, garlic, turmeric, black and cayenne pepper and celery salt. If you can't stand the cayenne heat, try chili powder. For beef bone broth, add cumin, onion powder, celery salt and steep a bay leaf. For an Indian spin, add curry or garam masala. You can also add a little regular chicken or beef broth powder. 

Value added with these weight loss recipes is that all these spices are anti-inflammatory so help with pain relief. 

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