Thursday, February 25, 2021

Why I brag up weight loss and why you should too

You may have wondered why I always use photos of myself on this weight loss blog. It may seem that I'm showing off and bragging. Well, I am. I'm very proud of it and I can't lie. But there are more reasons and they go far beyond boasting. I hope before and after photos are helpful to others and I think that if you've lost weight, you should show it off too. Here's why. 

I come from a generation that frowned on bragging. I was taught humility to the point of self-effacing. Being proud of achievements was arrogance and this was unchristian and sinful. You know, the whole "pride goeth before a fall" thing. This is no one's fault. They were just trying to prevent us from developing narcissistic, hurtful habits.

But pride and being proud of yourself are two very different things. Pride is a general attitude that I am better than others and above the rules. The refusal to wear a mask in public during this Covid 19 pandemic is an example. Or Nietzsche's ubermensch concept: that some are superior and not accountable. It's a selfish and exclusive whereas being proud of your accomplishments is inclusive. 

When I share about how I lost 100 pounds and show pictures before and after, it's as much for others as myself.  Certainly, the kind compliments feel good and I greatly appreciate them. But if I'm just sharing to make myself feel good, it would end there. And I don't want it to. I want to shout the good news that everyone who needs/wants to lose weight can and I'm proof. 

If you have lost weight, even just a few pounds, share it. Show off the before and after photos. Weight loss, of all the self-help tasks, is the most daunting. Beating a drug addiction may be more difficult but taming food addiction is more complicated. We have to eat to survive. So multiple times a day we must consume the "drug" that enslaves us. 

So rejoice in every move forward. That's the difference between boasting and sharing. Prideful boasting says "see what I have that you can't have." Sharing says "see what I  have and what you can have too." It's inviting others to take strength for their own journey by celebrating with you. 

Please, share your success stories with me! I would love to celebrate with you! --mar 👊💓

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