Thursday, February 25, 2021

10 Best Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives for Weight Loss

Earlier I posted good news for all the sweet teeth out can AND SHOULD eat sugar for weight loss! I did and lost 100 pounds! Truly! See below

No more ironing our hands when we have sugar cravings! Cue the P!nk and let's get this partay started!
Before we commence to feasting, I know what you're probably thinking. Oh lovely here comes another one like Teresa Giudice with her "eat all the pasta you want and lose weight" schmaltz. I know it sounds that far-fetched and unrealistic. But to be fair to the RHONJ-er, Giudice didn't say ALL the pasta you want and she did show how to incorporate it in a healthier lifestyle. And that's what I'm gonna do: show you how to eat sugar in healthier fat-burning ways. 

Yerp, ya heard that right too...fat-burning...that glorious Holy Grail of dieters. Conjures up images of pounds miraculously falling away. But it's not just a happy thought. Some foods really do melt fat, or to be precise, shrink fat cells and turn yucky white fat into brown adipose tissue. Some of these will even reduce blood sugar. So here are the ingredients to do that, 10 sweeteners and sugar alternatives for fat burn and weight loss. 

1) Fruit. Number one best sugar source for weight loss. Provides a great source of natural sweetener. 

2) Berries Your best friends in the fruit food group are blueberries, elderberry, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries and acai. I list these separately because they have added benefits of fat-blasting fiber from seeds plus antioxidants. Elderberry has been shown to help protect against even such virulent infections as Covid-19 or coronavirus. 

3) Greenish bananas are also listed separately because bananas are the best source of resistant starch, an added weight loss support. Resistant starch helps you feel full so you're not plagued with hunger pangs. 

4) Apples are an extra good refined sugar alternative because they substitute well in baking and have a lot of natural fiber. Make up a batch of applesauce and you'll have a sweet snack, egg and sugar substitute for baked goods and natural fat cleanse. 

5) Pure maple syrup is low on the glycemic scale and so helps prevent blood sugar spikes and inflammation. 

6) Blue agave nectar is similar to maple syrup and works well in baking, cooking and for other sugar alternative needs. 

7) Monkfruit also is low glycemic and is a good sweetener for Type 2 diabetics and those with prediabetes (AKA insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome). 

8) 70% or higher cacao dark chocolate burns fat and provides antioxidants. 

9) Dates are high in fiber and low impact sugar. They flush away toxins, moderate blood glucose and prevent inflammation. 

10) Just a little refined sugar. So obvs not the best sugar source but a little bit can help curb cravings. Indulging in a tiny bit of the verboten helps prevent deprivation syndrome. More on that later. 

Eating limited amounts of these sugar sources as part of my 1,200 calorie diet are part of how I lost 100 pounds. If you're trying to shed pounds I encourage you to try it too! Best wishes, love mar. 👊💓

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