Thursday, February 11, 2021

Avoiding post-op weight gain, or Help! my frig has me hostage!

Two weeks ago I had shoulder surgery. I've been virtually immobile only now able to move much. My doc warns off ibuprofen because it slows healing. So I did not have that avenue of pain relief. After the first week I tapered off the opioid, cut the Tylenol and have been trying rest only for healing. 

Surprisingly or not, despite the lack of exercise I get quite hungry. I'm thinking it's because you have to feed healing muscles, tendons etc. When my husband burned his foot, the burn clinic advised eating lots of protein to rebuild tissue. His translation was that he required many cupcakes LOL, which we lovingly provided. 

But he has never had to worry about his weight whereas I'm locked in an eternal duel with mine. 😬 So I'm back to that dilemma I was in when I worked from home: 7 steps from a frig AND with the added burden of having to eat more to heal. And this situation isn't changing anytime soon.

The nature of my current employment, Shipt shopping, is pretty physically challenging. With 16 weeks of 5 lb lifting restriction and another 8 at 25 lbs, I won't be back behind the cart anytime soon, if ever. This job is very probably what injured my shoulder in the first place. 

So what to do to avoid weight gain for 5 months? A part of me would like to complicate it. Or at least, find reasons to justify overeating. Because that's always been my habit. But that was also the problem. And really, I don't want to go back there. I know, because my common sense tells me so, avoiding post-op weight gain is no different than any other kind. The rules are the same. 

Because I need extra nourishment, I might let up on my 1,300 calorie a day weight loss diet. I might...(static buzz) "Attention folks (voice booms over loud speaker), we interrupt this fantasy for a reality check. This blog author wasn't and hasn't been on that strict diet for awhile. She has been cheating for months now. Just saying..."

Well thank you, conscience, for that fact finding info. What are you,  Snopes in my head (arschloch!) But I guess he is right. I did promise transparency in this blog and have never been anything but. So yeah, I've been off the wagon awhile.

Blame our stupid life-leeching, soul-sucking 2nd&3rd shift schedule (yep, both). Husband works 5pm to 5am often later, every weekend. I work around his schedule so that we can actually see each other and have some semblance of a relationship. 

Blame Covid and quarantine and stress and loneliness and boredom and long term traumatic stress disorder and sleep apnea and laziness. Yeah, probs that most of all. Or just don't blame and look ahead.

So moving forward in this weird new normal. Healing is going to require a higher calorie intake. That's not giving myself permission to overeat or indulge. That doesn't mean 1,800 calories of cheesecake and KFC. I'm still going to have to keep the fridge stocked with good stuff and not junk (well maybe a little junk so I don't go scrounging for cookie crumbs in the couch at 2am). I will say that's been a good habit... To keep more good than bad available.  I've maintained that despite the wagon plummet.

I'm going to eat when I'm

hungry but it's going to be protein, veg/fruit and good carb heavy. I did it before, losing 100 lbs. So this should be a piece of cake...erm chicken breast 😁 more from my weight journey later. Feel free to shoot me questions or comments. (Please!! I've got a lot of hours ahead in need of filling!)

As always, 💕💕 you lots --mar 

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