Thursday, September 2, 2021

"Perfect Strangers" Bronson Pinchot flaunts 60-lb Covid 19 lockdown weight loss

Looking up celebrity weight loss (or weight gain), I was tickled pink to find a video of Bronson Pinchot, (Balki of "Perfect Strangers") debuting his 60-lb weight loss. And the awesome thing about it was that he was able to lose weight during the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown! Plus, weight loss at 61 is wow-worthy in itself! 

Covid 19 lockdown was a time when many of us were getting overweight and even headed to obesity. Bronson Pinchot (one of my all-time favorite American actors, from one of my all-time favorite shows "Perfect Strangers" mid-80s sitcom in case you're too young to remember) actually got skinnier and super hot! especially with that bleach blonde fade! I think he looks even cuter than the Balki days! Who says 60s and almost-60s can't rock the hipster look?? Not me! (late adult onset punker, here LOL!) 

So what spurred Pinchot to lose weight? He says that his weight has always yo-yo-d, even on "Perfect Strangers", but recently when he looked in the mirror he saw "an old, fat man" looking back. So he cleaned out all the unhealthy food, gave it away and went to a plant-based diet. He's calorie restricting (by simply eating less) but not calorie counting. 

A lot of people, especially guys, eschew calorie counting. So maybe you don't have to micromanage calories but you do have to track, or at least control, something. Part of how I lost 100 pounds was calorie restricting with a 1200 calorie diet like the one used for gastric bypass. Pinchot's way way was to just delete everything but plant-based foods. Being in Covid 19 lockdown helped because there was no place to go to be around other food. 

When I started weight loss, I needed a plan to track eating and the calorie restricting 1200 calorie diet worked for me. It might work for you to lose weight or you might try Bronson's approach. Or keto. Or intermittent fasting (5:2 diet). Intermittent fasting helped me shed 35 pounds in 1992. It's all good as long as you work it and do weight loss in a healthy way. 

Bronson Pinchot said he also doesn't "do" scales. By which I think he's saying he doesn't babysit the scale daily. He'd have have to weight himself to know how much he's lost. But I get the point. Being over-obsessed with a number can actually derail weight loss as I've explained before. When I lost 100 pounds, I used the mirror more than the scale to track weight loss. 

What I mean is that we can say all we want about all body sizes being beautiful, but I do not feel my best overweight. Like Pinchot, I had an "epiphany" in which I saw my overweight self and didn't like what I saw. I acknowledged my obesity and got busy. There is a lot of self-denial in shedding obesity. But it is SOOO worth the payoff. Stay tuned to the end to see the adorbs so-Balki way he describes this <3 

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