Monday, December 21, 2015

Ketogenic diet helps cognition, obesity: Good fat, high protein, low-carb diet

 Does is ever seem that there's always a new "big thing" in diets? Foods take turns coming fire--fats, sugar, meat, carbs--then later it switches and you hear another food is the problem. This revolving door is part of why obesity is at 38%. Folks have given up trying to find a diet that works. But there might finally be a definitive answer--a ketogenic diet is THE diet it seems. Everywhere you look, some celeb has lost weight on a ketogenic diet. The University of Alabama at Birmingham reported Dec. 18, that the ketogenic diet has been shown to treat cognition problems, particularly in elderly HIV patients. The ketogenic diet could also fix schizophrenia. Low-carb, high protein diets have proved superior to other weight loss programs in treating obesity, as well. 

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