Wednesday, June 2, 2021

How I lost 35 pounds on a bread and water fast: spiritual fasting benefits

There's some controversy about intermittent fasting (AKA time restricted feeing or 5:2 diet) as a way to lose weight. Going without eating for long stretches, even if you're overweight, can be dangerous. But I found that a spiritual bread and water fast is beneficial health-wise and for weight loss. I lost 35 pounds without trying, thanks to spiritual fasting. 

Spiritual benefits of intermittent fasting: I'm Catholic and 30 years ago, I started following a bread and water fast twice a week on an invitation from our Blessed Mother. Getting my mind off food helped me focus on God. Not thinking about weight loss helped too. 

Emotional benefits of intermittent fasting. I thought I'd feel cranky and tired on a bread and water fast. Actually, I felt calmer on this 5:2 diet (five days normal eating, two days spiritual fasting). It was almost euphoric. I had strength to do my work and care for my kids. 

Physical benefits of time restricted feeding. Research shows the intermittent aids obesity, diabetes, hypertension and lowers cholesterol. It boosts metabolism that being overweight slows down. 

Weight loss benefits of spiritual fasting: I was overweight when I started the bread and water fast but weight loss never occurred to me. After a few months of this 5:2 diet, a friend said I looked a lot slimmer. I weighed myself and found I did lose weight: 35 pounds! I'd dropped two dress sizes and several inches off my waist.

Intermittent fasting guidelines. A bread and water fast is our calling as Catholics.  But you can amend if you're trying to lose weight with gluten free or keto diet, . Although some religious fasts require daily observance, I found that fasting on Wednesday and Friday works best. I used a modified time restricted feeding or 16:8 diet (8 hours eating, 16 not). Mine was more like 12 on, 12 off. I ate half a piece of bread every 1-2 hours, drank lots of water and took vitamin and took supplements. I didn't binge after fasting and ramped into full meals slowly (as I would after being ill).

Stay tuned for more updates on how I lost 100 pounds a few years ago.

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