Tuesday, June 8, 2021

A-Z mood lifters for depression and weight loss: Natural antidepressants to distract from food

Ever notice how the people on "My 600-lb Life" seem so miserable? Obesity and depression are old friends. Even being just a little overweight, or trying to lose weight, can be depressing.  One big factor is food addiction or obsession (constantly thinking about eating). Part of how I lost 100 pounds and also beat depression was with natural mood lifters. They helped me curb hunger by taking my mind off food. I call them my natural appetite suppressants! Here are A-Z mood lifters for depression and weight loss    

A is for attitude adjustment. Negativity kills mood. Seek out joys. This one helped me a ton with weight loss.

B is for blissings. The spelling error is intentional. "Blissing" happens when we appreciate blessings. 

C is for change. Change of heart, outlook, maybe relationships or environment, can unblock the joy. 

D is ditch the drugs
. The more pharmaceuticals you're on the worse depression seems to get. Even appetite suppressants or a weight loss drug can cause irritability, anxiety, etc. 

E is for exercise. Obesity slows you down. But the reverse is also true. Inactivity leads to obesity. The overweight folks on "My 600-lb Life" are always sitting. Increasing activity decreases depression plus helps lose weight. It increases metabolism, so you have more energy and feel healthy-tired, not just mopey-lethargic. Suggestions? Playground with kids, bike rides, walks, swimming. 

F is for family and friends. Reconnect with children, siblings, parents. Make new friends and refresh old friendships. Happy relationships are great antidepressants!  

G is for growth. Try new things. Boredom causes depression. "My 600-lb Life" folks talk about food addiction. That's because they do nothing but sit and eat. Keeping busy is a great way to curb hunger and lose weight.

H is for Higher Power. Whoever you worship and however you do it, connect with your higher power as Al-Anon calls it. 

I is for intimacy. It doesn't have to involve the s-word, but touch is good. Touch releases feel-good endorphins (a natural antidepressant).  A lot of "My 600-lb Life" folks were good-touch deprived as kids. They obsess on comfort food because it has become their friend. 

J is for joy. Joy and sadness aren't mutually exclusive. 
Kahlil Gibran calls joy "sorrow unmasked." Like empty nest syndrome--we're sad to lose what made us happy.  Embrace the source of sorrow, to re-find joy. 

K is for know thyself. Many of us didn't get overweight just from overeating. There were a lot of issues involved. Explore those experiences and emotions. I lost 100 pounds and depression when I sourced and dealt with these struggles. Al-Anon wisdom was a great help. 

L is for live. Don't sit by the window watching life pass. That's the "all aboard" for depression and weight gain. Go. Do. Be. Try. 

M is for preventative maintenance. We aren't cogs in a machine. But we both need running repairs. Take down time. Tune up. 

N is for nothing
. Many of us have endless to-do lists. Yet one thing we never do enough is...nothing. Get off the Tilt-a-Whirl and just exist awhile. 

O is for organic. Which is what we are. As such, we need nourishment for soul, mind and body to prevent burnout. It's too easy to turn to comfort food and avoid what we really need. 

P is for purge. We spring clean our homes, why not our minds? Get rid of negative. Spruce up positive. 

Q is for quiet. Still your mind. It's okay to let cares go awhile. They'll be there when you return. 

R is for relax. Hi, I'm Mar and I'm a workaholic. And that's depressing. Do something fun, just for you, not work related. 

S is for smile. Schmaltzy, but it works. You smile at people, they smile back. Nice.  

T is for turn off TV, internet, cellphone. Quit staring at that depressing screen. Go outside. Commune with nature. Rejuvenate.

U is for unplug. Take a technology break. To find weight loss, lose the devices and go camping, fishing or hiking. Get a natural antidepressant buzz! 

V is for real vs. virtual and vicarious. Skip video games. Play live tennis or Scrabble. Cook. Don't just watch cooking shows. Mood lifter plus confidence booster!

W is for weigh. Maybe you're depressed because you're facing big choices. Weigh options. Evaluate. Determine what needs to be changed, what needs to be accepted. You'd be surprised how doing this helped me lose weight! 

X is for cross out. Uncheck, scribble out hurtful actions, yours and others'. Get away from unsafe people and toxic behavior. Avoid toxic thoughts (what Al-Anon calls stinkin thinkin)

Y is for why are you depressed? Use the acronym HALTS. Are you hungry, angry, lonely, tired, sick--tend to those needs to heal. 

Z is for Zzzz. Sleep restores body and mood. 

Blessing and blissing to you all! Love, mar


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